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referred to an election working group, and you will hear more about that soon. We also asked how many of you regular- ly attend membership meetings, seminars, workshops, social mixers, etc. The MOC is looking at ways to encourage greater attendance at membership meetings and important events. We sought feedback about who among you have filed grievances or complaints about workplace issues and whether those were resolved to your satisfaction. For those issues that were not reported, we asked why not. The contract enforcement staff is reviewing those responses. We asked you to identify, in order of importance, what primary goals the leader- ship, committees, and staff should focus on over the next year. Topics include contract education classes, the governance of the guild and the IA, increasing membership participation, focus groups, and improving rank-and-file interaction between the var- ious IA locals. A small group of committee volunteers is working with me to analyze the feedback, create a timeline for each priority, and determine the steps required to achieve our goals. On another matter, the completed Basic Agreement analysis was presented to and adopted by the board of directors at its June meeting. A working group of 12 board members and staff reviewed the timeline of events that led up to the contract nego- tiations, the ratification process, and its aftermath. In addition to those events, the group considered member email correspon- dence, board discussions, the joint union statements, social media influences, unmet member expectations, overall messaging, special membership meetings, and the recommendation process for board ratifi- cation. All of this will be utilized as part of a framework for future efforts. The conclusions were presented at a June membership meeting and sent out via email to the membership in mid-July. Member surveys will determine priorities for proposals, negotiation committees, and a pre-negotiation planning committee to address outreach, internal and external messaging, membership actions, and more. An FAQ for members will explain the negotiation process and its terminology, what constitutes bad-faith bargaining and regressive bargaining, what down-voting a contract ratification means, and more. We will create ongoing member educa- tion about the key contract provisions that underlie proposals from both sides. I am dedicated to doing this work, and the board is willing to dedicate resources to it. Some of these initiatives overlap with existing committees or working groups, and I know they, too, are dedicated to these endeavors. But we need many more of you to get — and stay — involved. We need your input and your buy-in. I fully believe that the change many of you envision is abso- lutely possible. We have to come together and stay together. We have to build consen- sus around our goals, make them a constant priority, and commit the time and resources needed to make real change. I ask you to join me, to join us, because we cannot succeed without you. It is your union, and I sincerely want to help you take ownership of it. ■ HIRE A UNION SOUND TEAM AND YOUR AUDIENCE WILL HEAR EVERY WORD CORRRECTIONS A story about "Insecure" editor Mark Sadlek in the Q2 issue omitted the ACE designation for Daysha Broadway. CineMontage regrets the error. 9 S U M M E R Q 3 I S S U E F R O M C A T H Y R E P O L A , N A T I O N A L E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R

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