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his films. Two years out of high school and one L.A. odyssey later, Florio was editing "these strange, low-budget feature films," as he described them. From there, he kept editing, producing, and directing his way through L.A., finally finding a home that he shows no sign of leaving. CineMontage: The 1970s seems like such a time in L.A., with so much opportunity. Maybe it's a misperception, but with Rog- er Corman around … Florio: It wasn't easy to get into any of these companies. You had to find your group and work with them until I started getting into union work, which took a little while. But yeah, I was in that little independent world for a while, which was awesome. My first union job was as an assistant on the PRIZE TIME: Robert Florio at home. P H O T O : M A R T I N C O H E N 40 C I N E M O N T A G E F E A T U R E

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