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32 C I N E M O N T A G E B O A R D O F D I R E C T O R S much you will get out of it." — STEPHANIE BROWN, SOUND EDITOR, BOARD MEMBER ON AND OFF SINCE 2005 (STARTED AS AN ASSISTANT EDITOR REPRESENTATIVE) "I would tell them: 1) If you don't get elected, don't give up and keep trying the following year; 2) Always write a candidate statement and make it great!; and 3) Don't expect to join and get things done right away. There's a learning curve on how to best approach different things, how the board and committees operate, what is feasible and what is not, and how to be sure your initiative is putting its best foot for- ward. Big projects take time and patience. It's not enough to have a great idea; you'll need the teamwork abilities and stamina to see it through to execution, as well as adaptability to evolve based on feedback." — SHIRAN AMIR, ACE, EDITOR (ELECTED TO BOARD AS AN ASSISTANT EDITOR REPRESENTATIVE), BOARD MEMBER SINCE 2017 (FIVE YEARS) What is a common misconception that you think members have about the board of directors that you would like to clarify? "I think that during the last two con- tract negotiation cycles, our membership has become much more engaged, which is what we want and is a great development. However, some of the divisiveness that has arisen, particularly during the last contract cycle, seems to have led to some members questioning the motives and/or integrity of the board, and I find that extremely sad and distressing. I know that every board member is on the board because they wish to be of service. Board members volunteer countless hours to the Guild while also maintaining our very demanding day jobs, and I can confidently say that not a single one does so to thwart the will of the members." — STEPHANIE LOWRY, MUSIC EDITOR, BOARD MEMBER ON AND OFF SINCE 2003-2008, THEN CAME BACK TO THE BOARD IN 2015 (13 YEARS) "Three common misconceptions: first, I'd like to clarify that the MPEG Board of directors does not have anything to do with managing the MPIPHP fund. The Plans are governed by a separate board of directors appointed by the participating unions and employers. Second, the Editors Guild can not withdraw from IATSE and join the Directors Guild. While there was a time [in the 1940s] when editors were approached to join with the Directors Guild, the DG did not want the assistant editors to join, so the Editors Guild declined. Today, MPEG represents over 20 different classifications. Lastly, that the MPEG Board of Directors is not trying everything they can to inform members and get them involved. I n my s h o r t t i m e o n t h e B o a rd , w e have seen an unprecedented rise in par- ticipation, whether it's through the IATU Facebook group, or encouraging members to attend town halls and events. We have gone from maybe a dozen members at- tending the annual membership meeting to nearly 2700 members attending via zoom. There is still room to grow, but I hope that members know we are trying whatever we can to get information to members and to encourage their active participation." — MOLLY SHOCK, ACE, PICTURE EDITOR, BOARD MEMBER SINCE 2016 (SIX YEARS) "Another misconception is that we make decisions in a vacuum. Many board mem- bers do connect with general membership and bring their concerns to the meetings and advocate very well for those members." — MARGARET GUINEE, ASSISTANT EDITOR, BOARD MEMBER SINCE 2018 (FOUR YEARS) What changes would you like to see in how the board and/or the union operates moving forward, and how do you hope to help facilitate those changes? "I want the spending to come down in certain areas. In other areas, such as education and training, I would like us to spend more. I think having more educated and trained members makes us a stronger union." —STEVEN WEBER, Y16 SOUND SERVICE PERSON, BOARD MEMBER SINCE 2022 "I would like us to be more responsive Shiran Amir. Margaret Guinee. Molly Shock.

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