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31 S U M M E R Q 3 I S S U E B O A R D O F D I R E C T O R S membership as a whole needed to be more educated and informed with what was happening within our contract and our local. Thankfully, it worked out then and has continued now into a second term. At the very least, I wanted to get more people involved with voting for the board members and for our contract. I started with my own network and then became even more vocal on the IATU (I Am the Union) Facebook page. We are in a better place now than we were 6 years ago, but I still have the same goals going forward." — SCOTT A. JACOBS, ASSISTANT EDITOR, BOARD MEMBER SINCE 2017 (FIVE YEARS) "I became a board member because I was angry with injustices that I was encountering as an editor – I had the ex- perience of working on a feature film that went union except for editorial. I fought to organize three feature films, and I succeed- ed. I wanted to help improve conditions for post-production and generate a better understanding of the editorial process. This is also why I am a professor at UCLA, and Head of Post-Production. The workflow and process of post-pro- d u c t i o n h a s c h a n g e d s o e n o r m o u s l y, and continues to change, and so many in production and management do not under- stand the process. When you get eight hours of dailies with no cuts and no slates, but you are expected to have the scenes edited in a day, that is an unrealistic expectation. And we are made to feel that we are not working fast enough. People do not understand, even in the film industry, that we are story- tellers. We need to promote more education about our processes with other crafts, and even with directors and producers." — NANCY RICHARDSON, ACE, PICTURE EDITOR, BOARD MEMBER SINCE 2002 (20 YEARS) What has been your biggest challenge and greatest accomplishment being on the board of directors? "I'm the co-chair of the LGBTQ Diver- sity Committee. We have events to foster community and bring people together in a supportive environment where their specific concerns can be heard and ad- dressed—and we have fun while doing it. We have many more events in the planning stages, which I'm excited about. I began attending board meetings to see how the Guild was run, and quickly realized that we are the union: the members themselves. So I wanted to effect change to improve union membership for everyone. We have a lot of work to do to secure a better contract in the next negotiations, and it starts now. No time to wait. I always focus on what would ultimately be in the best interest of the larger membership." — CRAIG EUSTIS, ASSISTANT EDITOR, BOARD MEMBER SINCE 2020 (TWO YEARS) [ED. NOTE: EUSTIS HAS SINCE STEPPED DOWN FROM THE COMMITTEE DUE TO FAMILY CARE ISSUES BUT REMAINS ON THE BOARD.] "My biggest challenge has been main- taining patience. It always takes longer to get things done than you hope, but we are usually able to get them done. My greatest accomplishment has been building a na- tional in-house training program for our members." — F. HUDSON MILLER, GUILD VICE PRESIDENT, BOARD MEMBER SINCE 1997 (25 YEARS) (PREVIOUSLY WAS A SOUND EDITORIAL REPRESENTATIVE) "As for my greatest accomplishment on the board, it's been initiating and chairing the Retirees Luncheons for the past 41 years. And when my department at Para- mount was going to be outsourced out of their jobs, I risked my livelihood by urging the local to file a grievance. After the arbi- tration occurred three years later and the union prevailed (which saved everyone's job), the arbitrator said that he based his ruling on my persuasive testimony." — BILL ELIAS, SERGEANT AT ARMS, BOARD MEMBER SINCE 1972 (50 YEARS) What would you say to someone who expressed an interest in running for the board of directors? "It is pretty much a blank slate as to what kind of board member you can be. You have to carve out your role on the board and determine how effective you can be to the members you are serving. As much effort you put into serving on the board, is how Nancy Richardson. Stephanie Brown. Bill Elias.

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