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EMMA DUPELL ASSISTANT EDITOR Q: Where are you currently employed? I just wrapped on a show in July with Paramount Animation. I was on the project for two and a half years! Current projects? I completed work on a cute animated musical feature f ilm called "Under the Boardwalk," which is based on, and in, the Jersey shore. Our main characters are her- mit crabs. It's a family film, good for all ages, but currently does not have a release date. Q: Describe your job. I work as an Associate Editor, which is a title mostly used in animation. It means I work as a secondary editor. I work closely with my editor, David Salter, cutting in sto- ryboards, sound effects, and dialogue. Once our film moves into the production stage, I cut in Previs/Layout (first stage of ani- mation, focused on camera and blocking), Animation (where the roughly animated Previs characters come to life with lip sync and acting), and Lighting/Final Render shots (those beautifully finished, lit and ful- ly textured shots you see in every animated show). Q: How did you first become interested in this line of work? When I was a child, I was obsessed with anything animated. As I got older and technology advanced, I was able to find more animated content online — shows that I would not have been able to find on TV — and I realized how vast and advanced animated storytelling is. There is so much you can do using animation as a medium, and I always wanted to be involved with it. Q: Who gave you your first break? There are a few people who gave me my big break, the first being Sharon Smith Holley for allowing me to intern at the Editors Guild and help with the 75th Anni- versary celebration. She then invited me to all Editors Guild and ACE events, and I met Richard & Collen Halsey, who hired me as their assistant editor. I worked with them on a few live action feature films that en- abled me to accumulate enough non-union work days to get on the union roster. Lastly, John Venzon hired me for my first animated feature, "Storks," where I had temped for a Emma Dupell. P H O T O : C O U R T E S Y E M M A D U P E L L W H A T O U R M E M B E R S D O 14 C I N E M O N T A G E

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