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8 I M PS E . O R G M PS E CO N TR I BU TO RS Christopher Reeves MPSE PGA's PRODUCED BY CONFERENCE Christopher Reeves is currently a supervising sound editor with NBC Universal Studios. He has thirty years of experience in post-production sound. He has two Emmys and Three Golden Reels among his awards. As a member of the MPSE Board of Directors and a Television Academy Governor, he has worked to promote the importance of Sound and Sound Editing in television and film. Vickie Sampson MPSE Dear Dialogue Detective After a successful and award-winning 40+ year career as a supervising sound editor with over 200 feature film credits, Vickie Sampson uses her time for teaching, writing, directing, and playing with grandchildren and horses. She still edits sound for indie filmmakers and friends who need it. She has an Emmy, four Golden Reel Awards; has worked on Oscar- winning films for sound and is a member of AMPAS, MPSE, and Alliance of Women Directors. Solange S. Schwalbe MPSE Live the Dream Baylon Fonseca Solange is a 38-year veteran as a motion picture sound editor and Foley supervisor. She is both an Emmy and Golden Reel Award winner. She has her own post audio company, Dog House Post. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the MPSE since 1991. You can reach her at Charles Maynes MPSE Man of Action Julian Slater, Supervising Sound Editor Rana Eid, and Foley Artist Heikki Kossi. Charles Maynes MPSE is a working sound designer and sound editor and is a member of the MPSE Board of Directors- his recent work includes the Paramount Plus/CBS dramatic series Seal Team. WE WELCOME CONTRIBUTIONS. PLEASE SEND SUBMISSIONS TO WAVELENGTH@MPSE.ORG Kolade Morakinyo Nollywood Kolade Morakinyo is an award-winning Sound Designer and Composer born in Nigeria. His passion for film sound was inspired by his attraction to music and the emotive effect it has on listeners. Over time, his interest developed into a craft he uses in storytelling through sound design and film scores. Kolade loves taking his audience through an emotive aural experience whilst capturing the essence of the narrative. Bernard Weiser MPSE EIPMA Column/Bridging the Gap Between Aspiring Professionals and Industry Experts EIPMA President Bernard Weiser has been nominated for two Emmys, both as dialogue editor for HBO's Deadwood: The Movie and True Detective's "The Great War and Modern Memory." Miguel Araujo MPSE Diving into the Immersive Sound of Thirteen Lives Miguel Araujo is a South African- Portuguese supervising sound editor, ADR mixer, and re-recording mixer living in Vancouver, Canada. He is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and serves as a director to the Board of both the Motion Picture Sound Editors and the Vancouver Post Alliance. David Bondelevitch MPSE Student Corner with Matt Telsey David Bondelevitch is past president and current Board member of the MPSE. He is a sound editor and educator who has won two Emmy Awards and two Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards (and has been nominated 22 times). David is an associate professor at CU Denver, where he teaches recording arts.

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