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6 I M PS E . O R G LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Welcome to this special International Edition of Wavelength. MPSE is represented around the world in several countries and our international membership continues to grow and expand every month. In this edition, we are delighted to feature the world of sound editing ( literally) in the countries of the United Kingdom, Finland, Lebanon, India, Nigeria, and the United States. We are thrilled to feature multiple nominees & award-winning co-supervising sound editors Rachael Tate MPSE and Oliver Tarney MPSE on the cover. Based in London, Rachael & Oliver took the time to sit down via Zoom with Miguel Araujo MPSE to share their incredible experiences during working on Ron Howard's new biography/drama/thriller Thirteen Lives. (Page 24) Solange Schwalbe MPSE shares her fascinating interview with supervising sound editor Baylon Fonseca MPSE from the state of Maharashtra in India. (Page 36) Charles Maynes MPSE brings us three awesome interviews. Rana Eid MPSE from Beirut, Lebanon, opens up about her captivating journey into film sound. (Page 44) Foley artist Heikki Kossi MPSE based in Finland, has worked on hundreds of films, and he walks us through his path into Foley and never looked back. (Page 58) Supervising sound editor Julian Slater began his journey in London and has been living and working here in the U.S. for the past 10 years, adding some of the industry's biggest box-office films to his list of credits. (Page 20) Kolade Morakinyo from Nigeria shares the eye-opening challenges of working in post-production sound editing in Nollywood. Despite these obstacles, Kolade is carving a name for himself in film sound. (Page 52) Vickie Sampson MPSE gives a great breakdown in the steps to prepare a project for M&E's. Check out her "Dialogue Detective" column on page 12. Speaking of challenges, shipping award packages overseas is no easy feat, as we learned there are a host of regulations and hurdles to jump over. We recently received the picture of Grace Wong with her trophy for winning the Verna Fields Award at this year's GRA event in March. We had hoped to include it with her article in last quarter's Wavelength. We also received an email and picture from the winners of this year's Feature Foreign Language category, Cliff Walkers. We are happy to learn the awards have finally been received and the MPSE wishes Grace and the Cliff Wakers team all the best going forward. I hope you enjoy these, and all of the articles in this edition of Wavelength. CHRISTINA HORGAN MPSE Editor I MPSE Wavelength International Sound Wave NOLLYWOOD NIGERIAN SOUND DESIGNER AND COMPOSER KOLADE MORAKINYO LEBANON SUPERVISING SOUND EDITOR AND SOUND DESIGNER RANA EID FINLAND FOLEY ARTIST HEIKKI KOSSI INDIA SOUND EDITOR BAYLON FONSECA MPSE THIRTEEN LIVES Supervising Sound Editors Rachael Tate and Oliver Tarney bring the soundtrack to life FALL 2022 T H E O F F I C I A L P U B L I C AT I O N o f t h e M O T I O N P I C T U R E S O U N D E D I T O R S FALL 2022 O N T H E C OV E R : International MPSE members Rachael Tate and Oliver Tarney. Photo by Mia Tarney Grace Wong, 2022 Verna Fields Award winner for Build Me Up. Cliff Walkers, 2022 Golden Reel Award winner of Feature Foreign Language. Left to right: Li Xinghui, ADR editor; supervising sound editors, Zhao Nan MPSE & Yang Jiang MPSE; Han Junsheng, Foley artist.

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