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2 I m ps e . o rg LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT The Official Publication of the Motion Picture Sound Editors Editor CHRISTINA HORGAN MPSE Officers MARK LANZA - President STEVE URBAN - Vice President DAVID BARBER - Secretary JEREMY GORDON - Treasurer CHRIS REEVES - Sergeant at Arms Board Members PETER ALBRECHTSEN MIGUEL ARAUJO DANIEL BLANCK DAVID BONDELEVITCH BILL DANNEVIK BAYLON FONSECA AMBER FUNK SCOTT GERSHIN GERALDO GUTIERREZ CHRISTINA HORGAN KEVIN HOWARD SCOTT JENNINGS PERRY LA MARCA PAULETTE VICTOR LIFTON ERIC MARKS CHARLES MAYNES GARRETT MONTGOMERY STUART MORTON KOREY PEREIRA SOLANGE SCHWALBE HARRY SNODGRASS The MPSE Wavelength is published quarterly by the Motion Picture Sound Editors MPSE.ORG Comments, editorial and photo submissions can be sent to Publisher INGLEDODD MEDIA Advertising INGLEDODD MEDIA 310.207.4410 MPSE@INGLEDODD.COM WWW.INGLEDODDMEDIA.COM MARK LANZA MPSE I PRESIDENT Sound Designer and Supervisor Sony Pictures Studios Dear MPSE Members: Welcome to our International Edition! Many people would think that the MPSE is a "Hollywood" organization, but we have a significant portion of our members who are not only living outside of Los Angeles, but outside of the United States. We have many members from Canada, Australia, England, India, South America, Asia, and beyond. Amazing work is being done around the world and the best editors from around the world are now members of the MPSE. Our Sound Advice events are being hosted from many international locations and being broadcast around the planet. This diverse approach to sound keeps MPSE members at the forefront of the latest technology and international approaches being applied toward sound editing. We are in the middle of an international membership outreach program. If you know some great editors who should be a part of the MPSE, please tell them about us and let them fill out an application. We are always looking for great new members, both in and out of the United States. We have made some changes to our award categories, including our video game editing categories that I think you will like. We love our game sound people and support all the talent that creates the incredible soundscapes we hear while enjoying our favorite gaming selections. We have solidified the picnic location and date. Look for an announcement soon. If there are any non-members reading this, you better join before the picnic; it is for members and their families, and you don't want to miss it! Check the MPSE web page ( regularly for Sound Advice and other event information, and to purchase MPSE merchandise. Please enjoy this international issue of Wavelength! Sincerely,

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