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18 I M PS E . O R G In a near-capacity theater, the lights dim and the room fills with the sound of rain invoking the image of rain falling in a tropical forest and as if to let you know that the blank screen was not an error (a room full of producers), a quote from Jon Favreau fades in, "Sound is an invisible art, by definition; you can't see it. So oftentimes, people undervalue it." If you did not know what was coming, you very quickly learned when the iconic roar of the Jurassic Park T-Rex enveloped the theater. Then more sound, recreating images in our minds, of fast cars from Ford vs Ferrari to the chilling line from Apollo 13 to the first flight of the suit from Iron Man. All with quotes from producers. PRODUCEDBYCONFERENCE Featuring 'Sounds Like Success' Panel with the CAS and MPSE Producers Guild of America's On the "Little Theater" stage at the FOX Studios, left to right: Moderator John Sylva PGA post production supervisor, Amanda Beggs CAS production mixer, Curt Sobel MPSE supervising music editor, Michael Minkler CAS, re-recording mixer, Brent Findley MPSE supervising sound editor. BY CHRIS REEVES MPSE That was the start of the "Sounds Like Success" panel with MPSE and CAS at the PGA's Produced By Conference at the Fox Studio lot June 11-12. The event had more than two dozen panels over the two days. The Sounds Like Success panel was one of the last panels on Saturday, just before the evening's networking mixer.

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