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b y S t e p h e n F i t z m a u r i c e C A S Headphone Mixing Considerations If I had to guess—I'd say it was about 2014. My mixing partner, Dave DiPietro CAS, and I were mired in what was probably the third season of Scandal for ABC. It was a two-day dub, and I was in a little over my head. I'd slid over to the dialogue side of the desk a year prior and, as much as I thought I knew and learned, it was still a big change. Dave was pretty new to his role on the FX side as well. We were doing all right, but we needed more time. We'd heard some teams were saving time by pre-dubbing independently on headphones. Others shared the mains, somehow working on different parts of the show simultaneously. We tried the latter for about 30 seconds and realized it wouldn't work for us. If the goal was to do better work in less time, headphones were our best chance of making it happen.

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