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July-August 2022

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The Mitchells owned an apartment in this prestigious complex, which became a maor setting in the story. hile the production's overall mission was authenticity, this was one set where we decided to take some creative license, as the real Mitchell apartment was generally considered too bland. The Mitchells' real apartment was very basic with low ceilings, grayblue walls and beige carpet. e wanted an interesting space that felt authentic and had an elegance that was missing from the real home, so we upgraded the apartment to give it more cinematic appeal. There were inherent challenges in designing a hero set like this because production would be filming on this set for about a month. I tried to give the camera interesting places to frame different scenes, so we incorporated multiple levels such as the sunken living room, the staircase and the balcony. hen watching the series, I think it's clear that the show's director, Matt, really took advantage of those interesting angles. Personally, my process starts by collecting reference images. This was a show about a historical event, so we needed to gather pictures to get an understanding of what these environments looked like. efore drawing any walls, I try to pinpoint the A&B. THE MITCHELL'S WATERGATE APARTMENT. SKETCHES BY DANIEL NOVOTNY. A B C E D F

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