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22 I M PS E . O R G Who Loves Ya Babe? Anthony J. "Chic" Ciccolini IIIā€¦ BY SOLANGE S. SCHWALBE MPSE Anthony J. "Chic" Ciccolini III is a supervising sound editor from New York City. He is the recipient of this year's Motion Picture Sound Editors Career Achievement Award at the 2022 69th Annual Golden Reel Awards Show. It was an honor to be able to sit with Chic and learn so much about his life and his career. The following is only a small morsel of his many stories he shared with me. SOLANGE S. SCHWALBE: Welcome Chic, I'm so happy to be here with you. It's such a privilege. CHIC CICCOLINI: Thank you, Solange. It's good to be here. It's good to see you again after these years passed. SS: Yes, and you as well. As you know, we all have a story to tell on how we got started in the business. What did you do before you got in the business? CC: I went to college for two years. At that point, I started to do summer work as a messenger for a film company, a commercial company. And so that exposed me to the world of filmmaking. What I liked about it, first of all, there were two avenues I could have gone. I could have gone through the production in which they shoot the material, or the editing, which is what I chose, because for me, I got to see the raw material become a story, as opposed to sitting there watching scenes be shot, and half the time you're waiting around and you have no idea, unless you read the script, how it's all gonna come together. So for me, I thought editing was a good thing. I started to work in a commercial house doing messenger work and then whenever I had a chance, I would visit the editing rooms and get to learn how to sync dailies, and log film negative, and keeping track of the material in order to be organized. That's one of the key factors of a good assistant. So I wound up doing that, and that pretty much got me into the world of film. My father had a company that I actually went and joined in 1969, and then in 1970, I decided to head west and experience what it was like to be

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