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14 I M PS E . O R G BY BERNARD WEISER MPSE Bridging the Gap BETWEEN ASPIRING PROFESSIONALS AND INDUSTRY EXPERTS Summer is almost upon us, here is a quick update on activities for the Mentoring Alliance. We have some great events planned for this fall: Ashe Academy Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance Present "There's STEM in That" Mentoring Program The Ashe Academy "There's STEM in That" program was developed to support BIPOC high school students (grades 9-12) interested in exploring careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In partnership with Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance (EIPMA), the program consists of a series of virtual workshops that integrates soft skill building with life-skill development & post-secondary education culture awareness. Mentees will get personal guidance & support, along with the opportunity to meet & network with experienced STEM professionals via two panel discussions and two speed mentoring sessions. Lost in Translation Webinar Series A webinar series exploring the state of ATMOS sound for the home. This series will consist of five webinars over a 10-week period in the fall (finishing before Thanksgiving). Webinar 1: Translation—What are the challenges to bringing ATMOS to the home immersive sound experience? Will it be affordable for the average consumer? What products are coming to the market? Webinar 2: Music—How is the music industry addressing ATMOS and are there plans for bringing the immersive listening experience to the home? Webinar 3: Mixing—ATMOS has been used in features for a few years now but what are the challenges for streaming television and music for the home listener? What are some of the differences facing the home environment? Webinar 4: Editorial—What are the challenges for editing and preparing tracks for a home ATMOS mix? Does this present new layout choices and opportunities? Webinar 5: Conclusions/Recap—We will reassess what has been learned from the previous four webinars. Good discussions always bring up new questions which can be looked at and examined in this webinar. Burbank Public Library Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance Present Webinar/Panel Discussion on Entering the Entertainment Industry The Burbank Public Library is partnering with EIPMA to open a Q/A discussion on how one goes about finding employment in the entertainment industry. Many people come to the library with questions about our industry. The library reached out to EIPMA to help give those individuals a working perspective on our industry and try to answer their most pressing questions. Education School & Program Spotlight Series Each quarter, we will spotlight a school or program to show off the great work being done by these institutions that are teaching the information needed to prepare future talent from around the world all about our industry. The spotlight will appear on our website and in our newsletter. Vaughan International Film Festival Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance Student Filmmaker Award The Vaughan International Film Festival in Vaughan, Canada, has been an inspiration for EIPMA since our inception. They are one of our member organizations and a great supporter of our goals. Now they have honored us and our common goals by naming this award, The Vaughan International Film Festival – Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance Student Filmmaker Award. EIPMA assembled a panel of judges who voted on the final selections of student films for this award. On June 21, our president, Bernard Weiser, will have the honor of representing EIPMA and presenting this award during festival week in Vaughan, Canada. Student Award Winners Mentoring Session with Future Talent Cinema Audio Society & Motion Picture Sound Editors & Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance A special mentoring session will be held with past finalists from the CAS and MPSE who will be mentors for current students. Helping students connect and hear about the challenges from recent grads and student award finalists. Whew…. A lot being planned. Of course, many thanks to our wonderful member organizations and their commitment to EIPMA. We also wish to thank all of you who have generously donated to EIPMA in the past. We survive through your donations, so please help us to continue our support of our industry's future talent. DONATE TODAY through our website at It's so important as an entertainment community to engage our future talent. We can't change the world, but we can make sure that our knowledge gained is passed along to the next generation of talented filmmakers and future music industry professionals. We are truly making a difference for all those students and individuals interested in a career in entertainment. Please visit:

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