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40 PRODUCTION SOUND & VIDEO – Summer 2022 I had just finished working on King Richard as the Video Assist Streaming Engineer. Jeb Johenning from Ocean Video called me up and told me he had recommended me for another streaming video assist position. He had described me as the go-to wizard for anything to do with video assist and streaming media to the team he was working with. He and I had developed a good rapport together while I was working with Dempsey Tillman, Jeff Snyder, and others over at Man in the Box Video Assist. After working on King Richard, WandaVision, and Space Jam: A New Legacy, I had Jeb on speed dial. He was our go-to QTAKE Rep for the West Coast. QTAKE is the gold standard premiere software platform used for Video Assist Operators in Hollywood to record, playback, composite effects, stream, and live view everything that we film. The Queen of Stream In December of 2020, I got the call. by Amber Maher Video Assist Streaming Engineer Amber Maher

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