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BARI WINTER P H OT O : C O U R T E S Y B A R I W I N T E R ASSISTANT EDITOR Q: Where are you currently employed? Sony/Netflix Q: Current projects? "Cobra Kai," season 5. Q: Describe your job. My job as assistant editor starts with project organization and dailies. I will talk with the post producers and post supervi- sors, editors, and assistant editors about workflow so we can plan the rest of the post process. On "Cobra Kai," my editor, Zack Arnold, likes to use the app Trello to orga- nize the paperwork. It's a virtual version of old-school looseleaf binders or index cards on a bulletin board. We also use it to keep track of where we are on each episode. Since we're all working remotely, it's a really great way to collaborate. After organizing the dailies, I help out on cuts with sound effects, music, and basic visual effects. Other parts of my job include attending edit sessions with the director and produc- ers and taking notes. I create exports of cuts to send out to the director or producers or the network and studio for their notes. After picture lock, I handle turnovers of the locked cut to our vendors handling the on- line, color, sound, music, and visual effects. Since I'm working towards becoming an editor, I'm also cutting scenes. We workshop the scenes I've cut. It's more than just notes; I have to dig in deep to find the meaning behind the scenes, character motivations, and why I made my editorial decisions. I value this feedback to help me grow as an editor. Q: How did you first become interested in this line of work? W h e n I wa s 1 6 ye a rs o l d , I we n t to Usdan, a performing arts camp in New York on Long Island. They had a new video program I thought would be fun. I loved it and thought this could be great to do for a career. Q: Who gave you your first break? I got my start in reality television, but I had dreams of working in scripted. My first big break in scripted television was "Quar- terlife," an hour-long drama for Myspace/ NBC. I landed this job because I was on the available list. (Yes, being on the available W H A T O U R M E M B E R S D O 26 C I N E M O N T A G E

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