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ASSOCIATION GOVERNANCE SPRING 2022 | ADVOCATE 13 Delegate Assembly May 6-7, 2022 e 2022 Delegate Assembly will be held in person at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch from May 6-7, 2022. During the 2022 Delegate Assembly, delegates will be able to debate items of importance to AEA. ese items could include potential amendments to the AEA Constitution, Bylaws, Resolutions, or Legislative Platform. ese items could also include New Business Items that relate to the operation or program areas of AEA. For any questions regarding the Delegate Assembly, email Nicole Adams at Nicole. or call at 602-407-2343. 2022 AEA Board of Director Candidates AEA President, 3-year term Marisol Garcia AEA Delegates, I am proud to be a formal candidate for the office f President of the Arizona Education Association, the largest member led union in our state. Members and Delegates, Our time is now! We can no longer allow misguided political agendas keep us from joining together in solidarity to demand strong communities and strong schools. We are on the precipice of a new movement demanding equity in education, labor union strength, as well as women and BIPOC rights in Arizona. Our union needs to move quickly and act now. We need lay out our collective aspirational goals for the children of our state and the public schools they attend. What does that look like? • It looks like site and district led actions that call for safe and just schools for every Arizona staff ember and student. • It looks like grassroots organizing in coalition with our allies to push back against anti-educator rhetoric and policies. • It looks like investments by our union to build long lasting powerful relationships. • It looks like publicly calling out and holding accountable those who are intent on destroying public schools. • It means demanding equity in each and every one of our classrooms and worksites, so that every child has an opportunity reach their goals. • It means safe working conditions and job security for every member of our school community. • It means fi hting for a THRIVEABLE wage for every school employee. • I humbly ask for your vote. ¡Que Viva AEA! Strength in Numbers, Marisol Garcia Address: 2515 E. Alta Vista Rd Phoenix, AZ 85042 Work Phone: 602-826-5270 Home Phone: 602-826-5270 Local Association: IDEA Education Position: 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher Years Employed: 15 Total Years of Education Employment: 16 Total Years as a AEA Member: 15 Total years as a NEA Member: 16 Higher Education Degrees Held: B.A Political Science, University of CA San Diego Post-Baccalaureate/ Secondary Education, San Francisco State University Elective Positions held in local, state and/or national education associations: Vice President, AEA 6 years Board of Directors, Region 6 AEA 6 years Isaac District Education Association, President 7 years Appointive positions held in local, state and/or nations education associations: NEA, Racial Justice in Education, Language Seat Holder 2 years NEA, A new Vision for Accountability Task Force, 2 years AEA, Chair, Legislative and Government Relations Task Force 5 years Non-education positions held: National Co-Chair, Educators for Joe Biden 2020 Executive Committee At Large Member, DNC 2020-2024 Deputy Secretary of State, State of CA 2002-2004 AEA Vice President, 3-year term Vanessa Jimenez In my years of experience working and volunteering in education, I have learned that a "one size fits all" model almost never works. I have learned that, just like our students, we must meet our members where they are and support them in the ways they feel most comfortable. We continue to grow our membership by being innovative and by helping every educator fi d their why and the importance of sharing it. As a public-school parent for 20 years and servant leader for over 26 years I know that we can't continue to do things because "that's the way its always been done". As your Vice President I want to use my experience from time spent both in and out of the classroom, as a neighborhood leader fi hting gentrifi ation in a historic area, and as a state and national director to serve you, my colleagues, on the challenges that matter most to you. Getting to know what supports you need and the resources to build up OUR association and locals and accessing them. Some of my top priorities are working on language; policies and procedures that build strong locals and connect resources that will benefit our schools and communities. Education in Arizona must be a priority, it starts with liing up the voices of the educators that fi ht every day for our students and this can only be done by empowering them to do so, walking side by side and leading the way. I want to lead the way. Address: 201 N. 10th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Work Phone: 602-434-0252 Home Phone: 602-264-3105 Local Association: PHX Union High School District Classifi d Em Education Position: Classifi d PD Coordinator, High School/ Adult Learning Years Employed: 26 Total Years of Education Employment: 26 Total Years as a AEA Member: 19 Total years as a NEA Member: 19 Higher Education Degrees Held: Associate of Applied Science, Level I and Level II Addictions and Substance Abuse Certifi ations Elective Positions held in local, state and/or national education associations: President PSU CEA, 2019 AEA ESP At-Large Director, 2017 Appointive positions held in local, state and/ or nations education associations: NEA ESP At- Large Director, 2021

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