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ASSOCIATION GOVERNANCE 12 ADVOCATE | SPRING 2022 each of my 22 years in teaching. Again, please vote for Jason Freed as your regional delegate! Christy Sainz I would love the opportunity to represent our members at the NEA-RA this July. I have been an AEA/Tucson EA member for 22 years; serving on the EOC Task Force, EMC Chair, current NEA Hispanic Caucus Western Region Director, and the Tucson EA BOD. anks for your support. Election District N No candidate submitted. Retired Candidates Julie Horwin NEA Board Director, AEA- Retired Past-President. My duty? Work for & listen to YOU, be your activist to protect pension and retirement security. Outreach to members, communicate about ASRS, policies, & the politicians who impact them. Qualifi ations? Honesty, work ethic, follow- through, team-builder, Website Editor, E-News editor, grant writer. Anna Cicero As your AEA-Retired President, I welcome and appreciate your vote. Aer 33 years of teaching & counseling, I'm proud to serve, protect our pension, students, teachers, ESPs and schools. Luci Messing "I will continue being a strong voice on behalf of AEA, AEA Retired and NEA Retired educators. I will represent you and participate in the important discussions and decision making that takes place at the NEA RA. I respectfully ask for your vote." Frieda Baker No statement submitted. REPORT e Compliance Review Committee met several times to monitor membership representation figu es for both the NEA Representative Assembly election districts and the AEA Board of Directors Governance Regions. Based upon the January 15, 2021 membership figu es, the AEA now has 16,728 active members. e average number of members per regional director is 984. e AEA has 13 regions with 17 regional directors. ere are 25 members on the AEA Board of Directors, which include 3 state offic s, 1 NEA State Director, 1 Retired Director, and 3 Education Support Professional At-large Directors. e NEA requires that all voting members of the AEA Board of Directors comply with the principle of one person-one vote. e AEA Board of Directors uses a weighted vote which complies with the principle of one person-one vote. Each Regional Director has a vote equal to the percentage of deviation from the average number of members for that region. Directors elected at-large have a weighted vote of 100. RECOMMENDATION e Compliance Review Committee recommends no change to AEA governance regions or local association assignments within the AEA Board of Directors governance regions. Region Deviation Figures 01/15/22 Region Membership Weighted Vote Per Director Number of Directors 01 1067 108 1 02 1556 79 2 03 1461 74 2 04 2182 106 2 05 1810 92 2 06 1207 123 1 07 1324 135 1 08 1131 115 1 09 880 89 1 10 1184 120 1 11 1070 109 1 12 760 77 1 13 1187 121 1 Regions between 11% and 19% Regions between 20% and 29% Regions 30% and over Range of members per regional director: 731-1324 Range of weighted vote: 74-135 2022 Compliance Review Committee Report and Recommendation

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