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August 2010

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TRENDS The Overlooked n a country that passionately adores Margaritas, it was only a matter of time before the bright light of public scrutiny locked in on triple sec. After all, where’s the sense in modifying a cocktail showcasing world-class tequila and handmade lime sour with a generic cordial produced using bulk alcohol and synthetic fl avorings? Bartenders and mixologists are increasingly coming to the same realization, which has prompted a mass exodus in search of more viable options than low-end triple sec. In response, new and well-established orange liqueurs and spirits have seized the moment and snagged the spotlight. The infl ux is good news even beyond its impact on the country’s Margaritas. Orange plays a pivotal role in more classic and contemporary cocktail recipes than any other type of liqueur. I Orange IS NOW THE COLOR OF COCkTAIL SUCCESS by Robert Plotkin august 2010 / the tasting panel / 77

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