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GADGETS Gizmos Galore INVENTIVE DEVICES ENHANCE THE WINE EXPERIENCE— AND THE RETAILER’S BOTTOM LINE Just for Openers Why have separate devices for opening cork-sealed wine bottles, popping cham- pagne corks, unhinging capped beer bottles and twisting off wine screwcaps when you can open all of these beverages—and more—with the a single handy device: the TorkScrew. This multi-pronged patent-pending gizmo is designed to pop the top on everything from Dom Pérignon to Pepsi. The magnetic foot means it’s always within reach on the fridge door, and it comes in six eye-catching colors (we’re partial to Rubino Red). This is a great impulse-purchase item for wine retailers and winery tast- ing rooms; the suggested retail price is $24.95. —David Gadd Breathe Deeply Every wine geek knows that many wines—especially tight, tannic young reds—need to “breathe” in order to release aromas and fl avors. The Vinturi Wine Aerator (SRP $39.95) will take care of the issue in the time it takes to serve a glass of your favorite Zinfandel. The deceptively small gizmo contains a headful of high- tech engineering; it all has to do with Bermoulli’s principle, which states that as the speed of a moving fl uid increases, the pressure within the fl uid decreases. As wine is poured into the Vinturi, the internal design of the device puts this scientifi c principle to work, infusing the moving, low-pressure wine with higher-pressure air. We haven’t done the CalTech-caliber math, but we’ve tasted the result—it works! White wines can also benefi t from breathing; there’s a special version of the Vinturi for whites, using a different fl ow rate. —D.G. A Decanter to Flip For As far as decanting and aerating goes, we thought we’d seen nearly everything. But the Winebreather Carafe (SRP $70) from Danish company MENU A/S puts a whole new spin on breathing some fl avor into dense, young red wines. The handmade, bell-shaped glass has a stylishly sleek cap with neat rubber sealing gaskets and a delicate black spout rising from its center. Simply invert the decanter and press the spout into the top of any open bottle. Flip the combo and watch as the wine cascades into the decanter, loosening up the wine on its way. The carafe’s wide, fl at base provides surprisingly steady support for the daring sight. Best yet, if you don’t think the decanter is the appropriate way to serve your wine, fl ip once again and watch as your perfectly-aerated wine goes back into its original bottle. —Emily Steers 76 / the tasting panel / august 2010

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