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August 2010

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THE MESSAGE New Direction for Tudal W hen we last caught up with Kirk Venge, barrel tasting at Tudal Winery where he began consulting in 2009, he had shifted the direction of Tudal’s wines towards riper fruit while still retaining the estate’s Bor- deaux style. Only the third winemaker to craft wines for the Tudal family, Venge has sourced Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah from some of his favorite sites, in addition to farming the estate’s River Block Cabernet Sauvignon with precise attention to detail. Son of noted winemaker Nils Venge, Kirk recently broke ground on his own Calistoga winery in the Palisades Mountains. Tudal will celebrate its 30th anniversary with their fi rst Venge releases, positioned at $45 for the winery’s top cuvee and targeted at on-premise accounts. —Deborah Parker Wong Kirk Venge Coca Leaf ...and you thought it was just another liqueur Grown in Bolivia, masterminded in Amsterdam The super premium liqueur with a reputation among connoisseur mixologists for adventurous cocktails. Create a ‘high definition’ Mojito, Margarita, Caipirinha, Bloody Mary or keep it simple with tonic, bitter lemon, or lemonade. Then of course, there is the Agwa signature drink, the Bolivian Kiss; Agwa served with a slice of lime (the secret is to bite the lime first), the now legendary way to experience the Agwabuzz. Find out more at 

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