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fill out, which determines who has access to dailies and cuts, as well as what additional features will be employed. Options range from dynamic overlay watermarking to date, time and user name stamps. Grace Whitehouse is associate producer on FX's Sons of Anarchy and says the show, which is in its sixth season, has been using Dax's solution for two seasons now. "It's been a big help for us," says Whitehouse. "It saves us a ton of time. Before we used Dax, we were making DVDs for our dailies, which was kind of a waste of material and resources. Now we get our dailies up by 6am or 7am, instead of sending DVDs out in the afternoon, so I think everyone gets the dailies much earlier because of this." According to Whitehouse, there are 20 people on the production side of the show that need to see footage, along with another 10 or 15 at the studio, and another 20 at the network. Dax makes it easy to distribute. "It's there for them to use if they want to check out a new actor or a specific scene," she says of the executives' needs. "Our director of photography checks dailies every day, and our directors usually check dailies every day, so they use it often." Sons of Anarchy shoots with two Arri Alexa cameras. They also use the Sony F55, a small Sony crash cam, and GoPros too. Each day results in two to four hours of footage being captured. A typical episode requires seven days of shooting. "Our lab, Modern VideoFilm does our dailies transfer process," she explains. This involves syncing sound, adding LUTs/color correction, creating the H.264 files for posting to the Dax cloud solution, and creating DNx36 copies for Avid editorial. The show has three editors and two assistants. "One thing I love about viewing dailies on Dax is that the dailies reels can be sorted by scene, take and camera," she notes. "So you can jump to a specific scene or take if needed. Sometimes I'll make a playlist that just includes one take of each set-up, so I can get an idea of the coverage they shot for the scene without necessarily having to watch every take. I personally use my laptop and iPad, depending on where I am. If I am in the office, I use my laptop. If I am at the lab or on the mix stage, I use my iPad." While the Dax cloud solution offers the option of streaming or downloading footage, Whitehouse says it's 20th Century Fox's policy not to use the download feature. "We are only streaming," she explains. "We do Sixteen19 is currently using Aframe's cloud solution for dailies review. have a watermark with a user name and a date and time. That's a protection for the material, so nothing leaks out." SIXTEEN19 Ben Baker is an executive producer with Sixteen19 ( in New York City and says he got his first look at Aframe's cloud solution at the NAB show in Las Vegas two years ago. Aframe prides itself in providing a simple and effective tool for managing video content. By creating a centralized library, users no longer need to create and distribute DVDs or hard drives, or set up private FTP accounts. The solution can accept native camera media, which it then continued on page 47 A Wealth of Options Maximum software compatibility Video and audio professionals no longer work with just a single application. Over the course of working on a project an editor may move between several software programs. At each stage, professional video monitoring is essential to ensuring a high-quality output. With an incredible list of supported software, your AJA hardware will be with you all the way from start to finish. Final Cut Pro X Utilizing Adobe's advanced Transmit plug-in architecture, AJA hardware integrates directly with Adobe applications such as Premiere Pro, After Effects and now SpeedGrade - allowing high-quality video monitoring while B e c a u s ecolort m a t tproject. . ™ i grading your e r s While working in FCP X your AJA hardware can be used to feed a full-screen video monitor to display the currently playing clip or skimming action. This allows your video to be displayed at the proper frame rate for pristine, 10-bit viewing. In addition to AJA's Open I/O plug-ins support for Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter, AJA now supports ProTools 11's Avid Media Engine. This provides audio engineers with video monitoring during their sessions, ensuring perfect synchronization. B e c a u s e i t m a t t e r s .™ B e c a u s e i t m a t t e r s .™ B e c a u s e i t m a t t e r s .™ 06_21_13_HP_Post_Jul_Desktop_EN.indd 1 6/21/13 Post • July 2013 8:39 AM 27

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