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9th Annual MUAHS Awards 2022

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MAKE-UP ARTISTS & HAIR STYLISTS GUILD AWARDS | 3 F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T O F L O C A L 7 0 6 It is with great pleasure that we present to you the 9th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards. We are so thrilled to be together again tonight in person at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. is year, we are also streaming tonight's awards and are able to include many more viewers from across the continent and other parts of the world, including all our friends and family who will be watching the awards. Tonight, we celebrate the amazing talents of the entertainment industry's make-up artists and hair stylists, and joining us here are some of the best artists in the world. ese remarkable nominees are responsible for creating many of our favorite characters and cra ing memorable looks on our stars of stage and screen. e realm of these artists is vast and incorporates all types of productions, including feature lms, television, commercials, videos, internet, streaming content, and theatrical productions. Awards and recognition are not new to many of our nominees and honorees who we honor here this evening. Many have also garnered nominations and wins in the past for their stellar work, including Academy Awards, Primetime Emmys, Daytime Emmys, Saturn Awards, BAFTA Awards, and many other honors for the make-up and hair styling artistry, including the Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards. For some, this is their rst nomination, and we are pleased that you are being recognized here with us at the MUAHS Guild Awards. Tonight, we are paying tribute to Jon Favreau with the acclaimed Distinguished Artisan Award. We are excited to present this artisan award to Jon as he is highly respected by make-up artists and hair stylists globally. He is a legendary Academy Award-winning lmmaker whose creative and innovative work on lms like Star Wars, Iron Man and the Avengers series is recognized by audiences worldwide. Jon is the ultimate collaborator who has worked alongside many Local 706 artists to help create memorable characters of all kinds in a myriad of di erent roles. A commercially successful actor, writer, producer and creator, he has captured the hearts of all who watch his multitude of expertly created characters in his projects. What makes this honor so special to bestow upon him is the time he spends collaborating with his make-up artists and hair stylists to create and design these characters to perfection. Please join me in extending a heartfelt congratulations to our Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, Michèle Burke and Joy Zapata. eir legendary work of make-up artistry and hair styling in lm, television and theater is well recognized throughout the industry and the entertainment world. eir longevity of successes and achievements are inspiring to us all and they have created a legacy of characters that are permanently embedded in our memories forever. ey are both well known for their extraordinary spectrum of acclaimed work, exceptional contributions to the motion picture arts and sciences, and outstanding service to their union and the entertainment industry. Michèle Burke: Two-time Oscar-winning make-up artist who has earned recognition as a top master of special make-up e ects with more than 100 lms and television projects to her credit. She was the rst woman to win the award for make-up artistry. Michèle won her rst Oscar for Quest for Fire, her second for Bram Stoker's Dracula, and has been nominated six more times (Interview with the Vampire, Austin Powers, e Cell, Rock of Ages, Vanilla Sky, Cyrano de Bergerac) and has been awarded with the BAFTA, Saturn Award, Hollywood Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards, and an Emmy. Joy Zapata: Emmy-winning hair stylist who has accumulated an impressive list of credits and an equally impressive genre of box-o ce successes in a career that spans television and lm. She is the recipient of four Emmys and three nominations, among many other accolades. She has accumulated an impressive list of credits and spent many years as Jack Nicholson's personal hair stylist on his various lms. Additionally, she's worked with many other notable actors, including Ed Harris, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Selleck, Jared Leto, Sir Patrick Stewart, Billy Crystal, Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood. is year, we are honored to have our Vanguard Award presented to Local 706 journeyman make-up artist Christina Smith. Christina, with more than 100 credits, is best known for her work on Caberet with Liza Minnelli, Schindler's List, Steel Magnolias and Hook. Her outstanding body of work and commitment to helping her fellow artists and Local 706 has led the way for many others to succeed as make-up artists in the entertainment industry. Among all her great accomplishments as a make-up artist, she is also recognized for her sel ess assistance to her brothers and sisters in Local 706, working to help others raise their skill levels to generously donating her time and money to help establish our Local 706 library. Also known for her work with signature eyelashes, she has previously partnered with M•A•C Cosmetics to develop a line of lashes. We look forward to celebrating her extraordinary accomplishments tonight. We will be bestowing for the rst time ever, the honor of e Chair Award, to award-winning actor Doug Jones, whose legendary characters have been created beneath masterful make-up and prosthetics while sitting for hours in "the chair." If you talk to any number of the top make-up artists and hair stylists in our industry, they will tell you Doug Jones is a true pleasure to work and collaborate with. He is a talented, consummate professional with in nite patience while morphing into all his memorable characters. Doug is an actor who has won multiple awards for iconic roles over a 35-year career but can walk down the street or sit in a restaurant usually without ever being recognized, as during most roles, his true face and body is hidden beneath make-up, wigs, and prosthetics. Some memorable roles include the Amphibian Man in Guillermo del Toro's e Shape of Water, dual roles of Pan and Pale Man in another Oscar-winning lm—Pan's Labyrinth, Sapien in Hellboy and Hellboy II, as well as his work in such shows as Star Trek: Discovery, Bu y the Vampire Slayer and Steven Spielberg's series Falling Skies. No one is more deserving of this honor. We all wish him heartfelt congratulations. We are so grateful to welcome back our own Local 706 journeyman make-up artist member, Angie Wells, who will be performing the memorial tribute to honor the 706 artists and MUAHS Guild friends and family we lost this past year. We would like to thank all our Local 706 committee and member volunteers who did so much to help get this hybrid show o the ground. Please accept our deepest gratitude to the members and volunteers of all the committees, the Lifetime Achievement Award event and red carpet pre-shoot. e volunteers, Procurement Committee, Rules & Regulations and Lifetime Achievement Committee who helped do everything from vet submissions to aid in the acquisition of talent and sponsorship. ank you as well to those who helped from the very beginning with pre-production to those who are assisting us here tonight. Every single one of you was an integral part of getting this awards show o the ground and making it a success. Please know how much your hard work is appreciated. A very special thank you and kind appreciation to the following : Vice President Kim Ferry for all her support; Leonard Engelman and Michael Johnston, Chairmen of Rules & Regulations/Submission Committees, who put countless hours working on this year's awards; Gail Ryan, Chair of the Lifetime Achievement Awards Committee, for her work with the committee; as well as Ve Neill and Barbara Lorenz on the wonderful production assistance of the Lifetime Achievement Award nominee videos. Also, Kathy Sain, Local 706 o ce manager, who worked tirelessly with everyone associated with the awards in coordination with the Local 706 o ce sta ; IngleDodd Media and all the committees from beginning to end; Susan Cabral-Ebert, who has year a er year generously given of her time to work with both IngleDodd Media and Local 706 in all facets of production. We would like to also extend our thanks to IngleDodd Media, Cheri Warner and Weissman/Markovitz Communications, as well as Honeysweet Creative, who are responsible for bringing us this event. We treasure as well, all who have not been named here but took time out of their busy schedules to help us and our sponsors whose unending support gave us the opportunity to have this special event. I would like to personally send a heartfelt thank you as well, to all behind- the-scenes workers with production who participated in our awards this year. Congratulations to everyone. Wishing you all, whether here with us live or joining us virtually, a truly magical evening. JULIE SOCASH WELCOME AND GOOD EVENING TO ALL!

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