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Spring 2022

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40 I M PS E . O R G BY ERIC MARKS MPSE Time slows to a crawl. Pause and ask yourself, what does this sound like? In 1999, a singular movie opened many people's minds to the powerful, unique possibilities of a cinematic experience. The Matrix was an absolute cultural phenomenon. I distinctly remember walking out of the movie theater and still feeling like I was experiencing "bullet time." As with Star Wars, the sound design created for The Matrix completely brought that world to life. And while The Matrix was the vision of two deep thinking creators, it's hardly a surprise that supervising sound editor Dane Davis MPSE brings a similarly philosophical approach to his work. Creating sonic universes requires a vast imagination, and Dane is equal parts explorer and visionary. Yet as bold and original as his creative choices are, they're deeply rooted in the story he is working on. Thanks to all of the work over his legendary career, Dane has influenced the way we all approach sound e†ects. Now it's time for Dane to once again open our minds to the sonic possibilities of the unknown. Rising from the Rabbit Hole

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