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January 2022

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down to the factory to pre-age the sections before they shipped, accentuating cracks and blemishes. hile the oor was being made, we had samples in rehearsal to test just the right amount of surface stickiness to work with the dancers' shoes. I couldn't describe the process of designing West Side Story without talking about set decorator ena engelo. ena and were working together on French Dispatch as well, so was uite a year together Somehow, she put up with me and made the loveliest sets. The richness of ocs drugstore, Tonys basement, and nita and ernardos apartment is ust amaing. She and assistant lyssa inter really outdid themseles with Gimbels. Steven and Tony reconceived the dress shopnita does piecework sewing from the apartment while aria works cleaning imbels department store at night. I found it heartbreaking and beautifulto stage eel retty in the closed store at night. oubly so, as my mother used to work at imbels in the s e ended up at a defunct bank site in Newark—building out an entire oor, including womens wear and bridal. ena transformed the space magically and gae tremendous scope for eel retty. It gives me such great pleasure to tell you a bit about this incredible team. eryone in art, set decoration, graphics, construction, scenic and locations could tell how special West Side Story was, how high the bar had been set, and gae everything they had to measure up with our own version. It was an honor to work with each and every one of them and I'm so proud of what we made together. ADG D. "THE RUMBLE" ILLUSTRATION BY STEPHEN TAPPIN. THE MOMENT AT THE END OF THE RUMBLE WHEN THE POLICE ARRIVE AND BOTH JETS AND SHARKS ARE SCRAMBLING TO GET OUT OF THE SALT SHED. E. "I FEEL PRETTY" GIMBELS BRIDAL SALON. ILLUSTRATION BY HUGH SICOTTE. MODELED IN MODO, THEN RENDERED AND OVERPAINTED AND COLLAGED. Adam Stockhausen, Production Designer Deborah Jensen, Super vising Art Director Ryan Heck, Hinju Kim, Nithya Shrinivasan, Deborah Wheatley, Art Directors Jurasama Arunchai, Michael Auszura, Larr y W. Brown, Clarisa Garcia-Fresco, W. Steven Graham, Rachel Nemec, Tobin Ost, Lauren Rockman, Brandon Uloho, Marie Lynn Wagner, Assistant Art Directosr Alexios Chr ysikos, Hugh Sicotte, Stephen Tappin, Concept Artists Edward A. Ioffreda, Lead Graphic Artist Annie Atkins, Andrea Burrell, Nicole Eckenroad, Zachar y Zirlin, Graphic Artists Rena DeAngelo, Set Decorator D E

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