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40 SAG-AFTRA | Fall/Winter 2021 | Broadcast News 2021 Virtual NABJ Convention and Career Fair T he National Association of Black Journalists' 2021 national convention took place Aug. 18–21. SAG-AFTRA held a panel titled Navigating a Career in Broadcast on Aug. 20 that featured KPBS Midday Edition co-host Jade Hindmon, WCCO-TV reporter Reg Chapman, WGN anchor Tahman Bradley and SAG-AFTRA Chicago Local Broadcast Business Representative Jayne Bower. SAG-AFTRA Vice President, Broadcasters and KCBS Radio reporter Bob Butler served as moderator. The panelists discussed their experiences and fielded questions from participants about navigating their careers and addressing workplace concerns. Moving Forward: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists 2021 National Convention A s part of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association's 2021 National Convention, SAG-AFTRA hosted the Navigating a Career in Broadcasting & Advocating for Yourself panel on Sept. 9. SAG-AFTRA San Francisco-Northern California Local Executive Director Sean Taylor led a panel discussion and breakout session alongside Minnesota Public Radio Producer Grace Birnstengel and KPBS San Diego Reporter Andrew Bowen about contract negotiation with employers and helpful methods to effectively approach workplace concerns. #AAJA21 T he Asian American Journalists Association commemorated its 40th anniversary during its national conference, #AAJA21, Aug. 24–28. The conference, themed "Boldly Moving Forward, Proudly Looking Back," brought focus to Asian American and Pacific Islander representation and leadership, as well as conversations about the ownership of AAPI narratives within the journalism community. SAG-AFTRA hosted Self-Advocacy in the Newsroom, a panel discussion and breakout session on Aug. 27 with KABC-TV anchor Veronica Miracle as panel moderator and KSDK anchor Michelle Li, NBC4 reporter Aimee Cho and Minnesota Public Radio Digital Editor Nancy Yang as speakers. They shared their personal experiences promoting diversity and inclusion at their stations and gave advice on ways AAPI broadcasters can advance in their careers. Virtual Broadcast Conferences Expand Conversations about Workplace Advocacy, Advancement I n continuing their efforts to maintain safe social-distancing practices, national broadcaster conferences converted to a digital format with virtually scheduled panels and breakout sessions. SAG-AFTRA broadcasters and staff members remained committed to furthering conversations about diversity and advocacy in and outside of the newsroom, and the News & Broadcast Department, in partnership with the Equity & Inclusion Department, hosted virtual booths for members and aspiring journalists. #NAHJ2021 International Training Conference and Career Fair T he National Association of Hispanic Journalists held its 2021 conference July 16–17. As part of its program, SAG-AFTRA hosted Advocacy & Navigating a Career in Broadcast: a SAG-AFTRA Member Perspective panel. The panel was moderated by SAG-AFTRA Organizer Edward Leiva, and guest speakers included TTWN Los Angeles correspondent Sabina Mora; associate producer for WHYY's The Pulse, Xavier Lopez; and KFSN-TV/ABC Director Jessica Medina-Day. The panel explored topics such as the state of the broadcast industry, being an advocate in the workplace and career advancement.

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