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Winter 2022

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BEING THE T here are projects that we get offered once, or maybe twice if we're lucky, in our careers that embody everything we dream of when working in this industry called show business: iconic subject matter, skilled director, stellar cast, period piece, great writing, a seasoned crew, and shooting it all in Hollywood. Being the Ricardos was all of that and more. Working with Aaron Sorkin, one of the greatest writers of all time, was not only a pleasure but an honor. In our first meeting, he so eloquently stated, "We are not taking a photograph; we are painting a picture." This resonated with me as an artist. We weren't impersonating, but rather recreating, the essence of some of the most legendary characters in the entertainment industry's history. This was a huge undertaking, but I love a challenge! I knew assembling the right team was key. I needed talented hair stylists who were seasoned and knowledgeable with the period, excelled in wig work and B Y T E R E S S A H I L L D E P A R T M E N T H E A D H A I R — HAIR — RICARDOS barbering—and could think quickly on their feet. After days of deliberation, the department came together: Yvonne Depatis- Kupka, Assistant Department Head; Lindy Dunn, key hair stylist; Carol Mitchell, background supervisor; Lauren McKeever, Erica Adams, Kase Glenn, and Vickie Mynes. The research that went into this project was extensive. I went through countless books, searched the internet. I watched hours 54 • THE ARTISAN WINTER 2022

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