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34 • LMGI COMPASS | Fall 2021 pen, a charming touch that helps him navigate the social and political issues erupting in the face of police arrogance that exists even in this enlightened city. What the location managers say: "It was exciting to design sequences that speak to the vibrant world of urban life in San Francisco. It's a great compliment when viewers say that they were unaware that the show was not actually fi lmed in San Francisco." Locations to watch for: The Streets of San Francisco Vancouver's Chinatown was used to provide the gritty, vibrant street life of this eclectic "City by the Bay." Keef's Apartment/Chinese Restaurant Also in Vancouver's Chinatown, the exterior of the cartoonist's apartment is established above a traditional San Francisco restaurant, lending a richly textured aesthetic to "Vancouver for SF" look. Art Show House A newer house in West Vancouver's upscale English Properties portrays a climate of wealth and excess that is not part of the hero's world. Oakland Salon A Queens Park-New Westminster traditional home has the sense of belonging in a gentrifying Oakland. Take Down Site Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza provides the busy downtown business district where the cartoonist encounters police brutality. YELLOWSTONE S3 LM Charlie Skinner/LMGI KALM/Scout David Zachary Heine/LMGI Yellowstone is the story of the trials and tribulations of the Dutton family, Montana ranchers who own the largest contiguous property in the states that happens to be located just outside Yellowstone National Park. Threatened by developers, they fi ght to preserve the breathtaking landscape that encompasses locations across Utah and Montana and embodies the essence of an American West deeply rooted in the national imagination. What the locations say about story: The locations tell the story. The impressive 100-year-old log and stone lodge is the source of family identity and strength. The scope of the magnifi cent property is experienced as cattle are rounded up, horses are trained and gun battles play out in wooded mountain sides. In stark contrast to the ranch's bounties is the dusty harsh reality of life on the nearby reservation. The local tribe also lays claim to the land and is willing to fi ght for it. The small local town is peopled with newcomers who threaten its authenticity with gentrifi cation. Politicians plot in period buildings of the past, while lawyers and stock manipulators inhabit a more sterile corporate terrain, and a land developer lives in a strikingly modern lodge. A new casino, an airport, a massive housing development, a golf course? Whose vision for the future of this ranch will prevail? What the location manager says: "For viewers to truly believe the tale of the Dutton family, they have to believe in the mag- nifi cence of the ranch and fully understand the family's deep love for it and the desire of others to take it from them. The locations are not only authentic but add a touch of romantic nostalgia for the Wild West. I truly believe that by fi lming in Montana and show- ing viewers real locations, they become more engrossed in the story, and can't help but fall in love with Dutton Ranch." Locations to watch for: Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Chief Joseph Ranch is in the southern end of the Bitterroot Valley in Darby, Montana. Completed in 1917, the compound with its distinctive white barns and family home set in a gorgeous natural landscape, is the source of all the story's conflict. Thousand Peaks Ranch A sprawling ranch in the Uinta-Wasatch- Cache National Forest, Utah, with breathtaking landscapes and diverse topography adds to the setting of the series. Auction House A practical livestock sales yard was found north of Salt Lake and was shot "as is"—fully dressed—with background cast and announcers included! Broken Rock Reservation Established in 1868, the Crow Indian Reservation lands in Southern Montana include Big Horn, Treasure and Yellowstone counties. The actual reservations, and another piece of land in Utah, are combined to create the fi ctitious Broken Rock Reservation. Downtown Bozeman, Montana Shot on historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah, the district comprises a three-block historic township with restaurants, art galleries and shops. As good a cheat as could be found in Utah, it plays wonderfully as Bozeman Horse "Waterfall" Finding a ranch where hundreds of horses could be wrangled may not seem like anything special. But to practically have more than 200 horses run in unison required a special plot of land in which semi- tamed ranch horses could be trained to run on a specifi c route. The perfect spot was found just east of Spanish Fork, Utah. Woke OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A TV SERIAL PROGRAM, ANTHOLOGY OR LIMITED SERIES HALSTON LM Christopher Britton LM Amanda Foley Burbank/LMGI His fashion empire defi ned an era. The story of the meteoric rise and fall of fashion designer Halston is told as stylishly as the man himself. Locations in New York City and surrounding areas depict humble beginnings in Iowa, a fashion runway at Yellowstone YELLOWSTONE S3 LM Charlie Skinner/LMGI KALM/Scout David Zachary Heine/LMGI Yellowstone is the story of the Yellowstone is the story of the Yellowstone trials and tribulations of the Dutton

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