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Thatcherism and the introduction of a very young Diana. What the locations say about story: The imagined behind-the-scenes drama of the House of Windsor is grounded by locations rendered in magnifi cent period detail. Characters living within the inner- city struggle in diffi cult economic times as the Royals embark on exotic tours of the empire for duty and pleasure. What the location managers say: "The locations are a pivotal character within the show, they are some of the best locations in the UK, from grand stately homes, council estates and stunning landscapes. UK locations doubled for Ireland, Iceland and New York. Locations in Spain play for the Sahara Desert, the Australian Outback, New Zealand, South Africa, Nassau and Mustique Island." Locations to watch for: Buckingham Palace The scene of a soon-to-be Princess Diana roller skating through the gilded corridors of Buckingham Palace while blasting out Duran Duran on her Walkman is unforgettable. A mixture of seven locations throughout the UK, the palace locations include Lancaster House, a neoclassical mansion located in the heart of the British capital, as well as Wilton House, Goldsmiths' Hall and Wrotham. Exteriors of Buckingham Palace were shot at Greenwich Naval College and Moor Park. Balmoral Lady Diana and new British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher are invited to the Queen's Scottish hideaway to FARGO S4 SLM Nick Raff erty/LMGI Chicago plays Kansas City, as Fargo leaves behind the frozen landscape of previous seasons for the 1950s era buildings and streets of the Windy City—a perfect backdrop for a story of warring crime syndicates, segregation, and generations of immigrants and minorities fi ghting for their piece of the American dream. What the locations say about story: Chicago has been called the "most American of cities." Neighborhoods, towns just outside the city and downstate farms help create a vibrant world of gritty Americana found in forgotten back alleys and hiding in plain sight in prosperous suburban neighborhoods and wide-open cornfi elds. A boarding house with a twisty staircase and spaces laid out in a very purposeful way visually delineates race, politics and personal attitudes. The flat, endless expanse of the great plains in the dead of winter, creates a feeling of desolation. One episode is shot both in black- and-white and color, referencing The Wizard of Oz and The Music Man. Evenly split between urban and rural looks, the locations channel the Coen brothers' original quirky aesthetic. What the location manager says: "When it comes to telling an interesting story about this period in the U.S., Chicago is the truest and most authentic place to tell those stories. The challenges that the city faces— from the economic and racial disparities to the sociopolitical divide—is manifested in this city's politics, culture and even in its violence." Locations to watch for: The Loy Cannon Family Home A modern prairie-style bungalow based on the real-life Kansas City house of baseball legend Satchel Paige, who played baseball in both the Negro and Major Leagues. With its cool class and Cadillac parked in the driveway, be scrutinized by the family. A 19th-century Gothic masterpiece featuring many turrets, the castle of Ardverikie looks spookily like the real thing. Knebworth House in Hertfordshire and Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire are used for the interiors. Downtown New York Central Manchester was transformed for the visit of Princess Diana. An old warehouse became a Children's Hospital, and the old town became the bustling city complete with Yellow Cabs and subway entrances. Nassau Harbour A navy base in Cádiz off ers the proper light and period-perfect colonial architecture, as well as a Spanish warship to dress as a British one as a background prop for Prince Charles. Princess Margaret's Caribbean Villa Her Mustique Island villa where she decompresses in the jewel of a pool was fi lmed in Cádiz, Spain. Brisbane, Australia Starting with a beautiful shot in the rooftop pool, a hotel on a downtown street in Málaga recreates Princess Diana's visit. it shows how Loy yearns for all the trappings of a successful businessman in America. Its strong, clean vertical lines visually suggest that no matter how much Loy has achieved, his race will keep him caged and only able to go so far. Smutney Home and Mortuary A picturesque period home in Rogers Park, one of Chicago's most diverse neighborhoods, was transformed to accommodate the family business. Barton Arms Boarding House The 150-year-old Duncan Manor, an historic Italianate, three-story brick farmhouse visible across the cornfi elds from Interstate 55 in rural Towanda, is temporary refuge for fugitives Rabbi and young Satchel Cannon. It features an extravagant spiral staircase and rooms seemingly untouched from the 1860s. The Wincke Savings and Loan Bank Loy Cannon and Doctor Senator come up with the billion-dollar credit card idea in Chicago's Bridgeview Bank Uptown. Erected in 1924, its magnifi cent ornate hall and rich architectural detail perfectly telegraph the wealthy white establishment that Loy is trying to be a part of. The town of Liberty The historic city of Pontiac is best known for its quaint "Americana" downtown main street and neighborhoods, "Route 66" history and ties to President Abraham Lincoln. Rabbi makes a futile journey there to retrieve money he had left hidden in a hay and feed store years ago but is frustrated to fi nd it was lost in its transformation into an appliance store. The Crown Fargo FARGO S4 SLM Nick Raff erty/LMGI Chicago plays Kansas City, as Fargo leaves behind the frozen Fargo leaves behind the frozen Fargo landscape of previous seasons for the 1950s era buildings and streets of the Windy

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