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The Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) is the largest organization of Location Managers and Location Scouts in the motion picture, television, commercial and print production industries. Their membership plays a vital role in the creativ

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28 • LMGI COMPASS | Fall 2021 AND THE NOMINEES ARE… This year, the 2021 LMGI Awards Committee had a truly herculean task of researching, viewing and evaluating more than 200 projects submitted for consideration for an LMGI Award for features, television, commercials and fi lm commissions. The nominees represent the extraordinary range and skill of location professionals to fi nd locations that are integral to the action, motivation and tone of the storytelling narrative. The nominated projects hail from all parts of the globe and reflect a wide range of budgets and visions—from small indies to studio tent poles, from pointed comedy to heartbreaking drama—in every imaginable genre. Dystopian future worlds, fantasy thrillers, period costume drama, big family drama, detective murder mysteries, and stories about social injustice are popular themes this year. Some submitted projects were already favorites of the awards commit- tee and some were delightful surprises that the submissions brought to our attention. This year, we loved so many projects that narrowing it down to just the fi ve or six fi nalists, often felt like a task worthy of Solomon. The fi nal determinations often come down to committee members asking, "Can this story just be told anywhere else? Why these locations to tell this story?" We hope you will continue to submit your work regardless of what you think is being looked for. The committee is often gleefully sucked into watching entire series or movies that may not check all our boxes but are riveting and rewarding experiences in their own right! The fi lm commission nominees salute the tireless devotion of fi lm commission staff in partnering with location pros to creatively address the challenges of fi lming on location. They open the doors that make the sometimes over-the-top requests to access incredible locations or impact a city's normal activity possible! Please think about volunteering on the 2022 Awards Committee. It's a great opportunity to view great projects, e-meet inspirational location pros from around the world and promote the creative contribution we make to our industry. We encourage everyone to explore the amazing work we have considered. The write-ups that follow are designed to show why these shows made the fi nal cut, and to highlight a sample of signature locations from each that supports what was being looked for—as well as satisfy our insatiable curiosity to just know what was shot where! Please join us in celebrating the "Class of 2021." Bridgerton OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A PERIOD TELEVISION SERIES BRIDGERTON SLM Paul Tomlinson/LMGI The period castles, opulent homes, sweeping staircases, ballrooms and glorious gardens of London and its surrounding countryside have been seen on screen before, but never have they burst with such sumptuous and delicious splendor as in this Regency Era romantic drama set during the reign of Queen Charlotte and King George III. The upper-crust Bridgerton family follows strict rules of social convention as scandalous gossip threatens to foil aspirations for marriage and status, and sexual tension boils beneath the surface. What the locations say about story: Young men court eligible young women at weekly balls, one more gorgeous than the last. Flirtatious banter, spirited dancing and steamy encounters play out in the grandest of settings. Families dine in exquisite rooms, women scheme to outwit their stifling social system in splendid drawing rooms, and promenade in beautiful parks. Men transact business in posh clubs and engage in shady dealings that take us into the crowded streets and modest dwellings of the lower and merchant classes who try to eke out a living in a stratifi ed society. What the location manager says: "The locations steal the show— they set the scale, glamour and status of the characters, as well as being exceptionally beautiful. We had so much fun visiting hundreds of locations across the UK, before settling on a huge number of stately homes, privately owned estates, houses and streets." Locations to watch for: Bridgerton Home The exterior of the Bridgerton family's wisteria-clad mansion is in Greenwich, South East London. In 1813, the time the series is set, this Georgian villa was inhabited by King George III's sister, Princess Augusta. Featherington Residence Exterior The other notable family whose three daughters struggle to fi nd their match live in the iconic Royal Crescent in Bath. This impressive landmark forms a sweeping crescent of 30 terrace houses and is considered one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture in the UK. Concert Hall The elegant auditorium of the Theatre Royal Brighton is one of the oldest and most distinguished theatres in the country and is a fi ne example of Regency architecture. Here, the opera singer enchants the eldest Bridgerton son. Primrose Hill Surrey's elegant Painshill Park features an 18th- century landscaped garden, serpentine lakes, a Gothic temple, curved bridges and winding paths— the perfect setting for wealthy families to strut their stuff . The Dockyard Chatham With its genuine Georgian buildings and cobbled streets, the historic dockyard in Kent was used to portray the poorer streets of London—as where Lady Featherington takes Marina to the slums—as well as the setting for Simon and Will's many boxing matches. THE CROWN S4 SLM Mark Walledge - UK LM Tate Aráez Guzmán/ LMGI - Spain The familiar palace locations used to stitch together Buckingham Palace are all on opulent display in Season 4. Locations in the south of Spain are used for glamorous destinations abroad. The '80s sees the rise of THE CROWN S4 SLM Mark Walledge - UK LM Tate Aráez Guzmán/ LMGI - Spain The familiar palace locations used to stitch together Buckingham Compiled by Diane Friedman/LMGI Awards Commi• ee

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