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6 SAG-AFTRA | Summer 2021 | G A B R I E L L E C A R T E R I S "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." — Ryunosuke Satoro Dear Member, T hank you for the difficult work that you, the members, have done to strengthen our union and further empower the membership. It has been transformational to see your commitment to each other and our union. And what an honor it has been to bear witness to this crucial work and the important victory achieved with the historic merger of SAG and AFTRA. As members of both unions, many of us saw firsthand the devastation caused when our unions competed against each other. Industry consolidation and changing business models caused real redundancies that left an opening for others to pit us against one another and compromise our leverage. We are fortunate to have successfully merged because it has prepared us and allowed us to build to this moment. So much has happened in the past 12 years. The union withstood a yearlong strike on the video games agreement, emerging victorious with the first secondary payment system in the history of the contract. The nearly one-year-long strike against global ad giant Publicis' BBH subsidiary successfully fought off the agency's attempt to disavow their union contract and legal responsibilities. Our union community stood strong, saying "no way." Your willingness to rise to action when needed propelled so many of SAG-AFTRA's important achievements. This last year, no effort was more fraught with challenge than the development of safe and reasonable protocols to get our members back to work during the pandemic shutdown. Led by our national executive director, we were able to strategically collaborate with fellow unions and the industry to secure these protections. The recent negotiations to update the document kept crucial protections for our members in place. The union is entering a challenging period, facing a changing industry landscape, rapidly evolving technologies and automation, and issues of equity and access. SAG-AFTRA is more important to its membership than ever. With this understanding, SAG-AFTRA is looking within. New technology innovations are improving operations and member service while diversity initiatives help level the playing field for all members. The stunt diversity task force is working to create systems that help ensure true equity and access for diverse stunt professionals while continuing to prioritize safety. Holding these truths, SAG-AFTRA members can move forward as a powerful force and continue the work. I am honored to have served you, my fellow members, and our union in this role. These many years have been immensely meaningful and deeply satisfying. You have given me courage, inspiration and strength. It was your vision and involvement that propelled the work and made possible all that we have achieved. I salute you. To quote writer Ryunosuke Satoro, "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." As always ... Strength in unity, Gabrielle Carteris

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