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66 SAG-AFTRA | Summer 2021 | * Please note: Due to publishing deadlines, notices that are received outside of these dates will be considered for future publication. Jane Actman 10/26/18 Fred Albitz 4/4/21 Lee Ames 10/1/15 Robert W. Anderson 3/18/21 Frank E. Andrews 12/7/18 Rod Arrants 2/21/21 Larry Auld 10/31/20 F. Lee Bailey 6/3/21 Rod Ball 5/27/21 Lisa Banes 6/14/21 Jeffrey A. Barach 10/25/19 Tony Barberio 2/28/21 Benita Barrie 1/23/17 Ned Beatty 6/13/21 Carole Bellmyre 5/2/19 Louise Bethune 9/1/16 Frank Birney 6/1/21 Ilene Blackman 4/26/20 Sonja Bonair 8/30/20 Frank Bonner 6/16/21 Martin Bookspan 4/29/21 Jerry Bourquin 1/21/21 Constance Boyd 10/7/19 Richard Brennan 3/31/21 Jay Bressner 4/5/19 Judy Brubaker 11/15/20 William Edwin Bruce 1/8/21 Jerry Burgan 3/29/21 Joanne M. Burk 3/5/21 Zoe Caldwell 2/17/20 Douglas Callan 7/27/17 Darlene J. Camille 4/13/21 Brent Carver 8/4/20 Catherine Cassie 2/5/21 T.J. Castronovo 3/21/21 Jill Chanes 1/2/21 David Vega Chavez 2/2/21 Jon Chevron 2/22/21 Clint Chin 6/9/21 Guy Chookoorian 1/31/21 Alice Christy 3/27/21 Ellen Clark 9/17/20 Hunter Clarke 9/16/18 Jeffrey A. Cohn 3/1/21 Drake E. Collier 7/27/19 Stephen Condon 6/13/20 Johnny Crawford 4/29/21 Wayne David Crawford 4/30/16 Greg Crowe 2/19/21 Kristine Crown 1/3/21 Blackie Dammett 5/12/21 Stuart Damon 6/29/21 Bart Darby 1/15/21 LISA BANES NED BEAT T Y OLYMPIA DUK AKIS STUART DA MON FR ANK BONNER DM X We honor the memory of members whose deaths were reported to SAG-AFTRA between April 1, 2021, and June 30, 2021. NORMAN LLOYD, a prolific actor, producer, director and SAG-AFTRA Founder's Award honoree, passed away May 11 at the age of 106. Best known for his roles in St. Elsewhere and Dead Poets Society, Lloyd began his career as a child, beginning what would be one of the longest acting careers in the industry. He joined Screen Actors Guild in 1939, just two and a half years after it negotiated its first contract, and AFTRA in 1940. He continued to appear onscreen well into the 2000s, including in the 2015 Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck. In 2018, SAG-AFTRA presented the Founders Award to Lloyd for his contributions to the union. "Norman Lloyd was a true Hollywood institution, and his career paralleled much of the history of film itself," said SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. "He was a true gentleman, a man of many talents and an acting icon. A member for more than eight decades, most will remember him for his extensive body of work, but let's not forget his commitment to justice that led him to be an activist for his fellow members." In 1946, during the Conference of Studio Unions film workers' strikes, Lloyd was one of six SAG members who gathered signatures from 350 actors, including some of Hollywood's biggest stars, successfully petitioning the Guild to allow participants on both sides of the strike to present their views. In 2014, in recognition of his 82 years in show business, and reaching the age of 100, the Los Angeles City Council proclaimed that his birthday, Nov. 8, would be honored as "Norman Lloyd Day."

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