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MUSIC VIDEOS 36 POST JULY/AUG 2021 JACK SAVORETTI - SECRET LIFE The music video for Jack Savoretti's latest single, "Secret Life", was released in June and takes viewers on a leisurely journey from the aisles of a London su- permarket to a field in the English countryside, all while the singer rolls about in a shopping cart. The project was produced by Great Guns (https://greatguns. com), with Calum Macdiarmid directing. The Secret Life video begins in a supermarket, with Savoretti sitting in a cart that is spinning in circles. It's soon revealed that the cart is not being controlled by anyone, and instead moves on its own. Producer Tim Francis says the key challenge for the video was figuring out how the team was going to make the cart move on its own? "I was on Instagram, trying to find some inspira- tion, and I remembered I'd seen the Agito modular dolly system on a demo video, outside of a hangar, tracking next to a car," Francis recalls. "I went to Motion Impossible's Instagram page and I saw that they'd worked with a photography friend of mine, and then that just sort of clicked…and I thought that if you put a camera on it, then maybe you could put a shopping trolley on it." "The speed of the Agito was something that was really vital," adds Macdiarmid, "because we wanted to glide shots where it actually looked like Jack was properly moving. Agito's swift and seamless moves made it the best solution for creating that movement effect. And on top of that, because it was so small, we could have it in all the scenes, as it was very easy to paint out." Max Whitting served as director of photography on the project and says the Agito (http://motion-im- saved a lot of time compared to using a tracking vehicle or something similar. "It was really quick to set up and break down," says Whitting, "so we man- aged to get a lot of shots in a short time frame." Agito also brought significant flexibility and customization options to the production, with a tower that allowed for both low and high shots, as well as removable tracks, enabling the team to easily secure a variety of shots. "We were already convinced about bringing the Agito on-set, as it was literally the only tool that allowed us to capture the shots we wanted," notes Macdiarmid. "But even after bringing it on-set, we discovered more about what it was capable of. It particularly impressed us on the race courses and the road, not only because of its speed, but also its incredible stability." CHASER - GOOD TIMES Punk-rock band Chaser ( recently released their Good Times music video. The track is off the band's "Dreamers" album and takes the audience through the highs and lows of life, with the understanding that noth- ing — good or bad — lasts forever. Chaser bassist/vocalist Jesse Stopnitzky says the track is the perfect song to kickoff summer 2021, and encourages listeners to get back to creating good times of their own. Alex Zarek of Alex Zarek Art & Design ( directed the video, which features the band and their friends enjoying good times throughout Huntington Beach, CA. The project was shot over the course of two days, back in October of 2020. "These spots were essential for the nostalgic, light-hearted vibe we were going for, since the band members originate from that area," Zarek explains. "In true run-and-gun style, and nothing more than a Sony A7sIII, handheld gimbal and drone, we ran around from place to place and captured a nice variety of things." Zarek says it was important to keep the emphasis on capturing real mo- ments, rather than staging scenes. "The song is about friendship and celebrating the good times, so it was easy to tap into that feeling since the band and their friends just naturally convey that sentiment." After the shoot, Zarek I took the footage back home to Chicago for the edit, sharing updates with the band as it evolved. "It was really special to see such a meaningful project come together on (an Adobe) Premiere Pro timeline after a fun weekend in beautiful California with four awesome guys and their friends and families."

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