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July-August 2021

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I N T H E H E I G H T S | P E R S P E C T I V E 9 1 location—of a man in a boat dreaming of returning to the Dominican Republic, with the DR flag pointing the way. Before starting major construction, we wanted the neighborhood to demonstratively know we were going to take great care to present the visuals in such a way as to honor the community. (Many asked if that mural could remain. The building owner agreed, and it is still on the block). Graffiti Pete's original artwork needed to have a connective style and feel ubiquitous in the neighborhood. Base pieces were designed then printed on a PhotoTek material, mosaiced into locations and sets, and overpainted in situ to feel as though they were completely painted in place. Elements were designed in such way as to allow the actor to easily overpaint during the scene take after take. Purposeful visual inclusion of cultural touchpoints is a vital part of representation on screen— whether as simple as guava on crackers or a traditional Cuban embroidery pattern on a napkin. Such specificity in design and detail can lead to greater understanding of people and places, and reinforces the concept that how people are presented in media really does affect how they are treated in real life. The challenge and joy of In the Heights extended from the big boisterous moments through to the quiet details that will keep this story, this community and the musical streets of Washington Heights from ever being invisible again. ADG Nelson Coates, Production Designer Chris Shriver, Super vising Art Director Brian Goodwin, Art Director Katya Blumenberg, Jeremy W. Foil, Hugh Landwehr, Matthew Sama, Clifton Leach, Assistant Art Directors William J. Hopper, Dan-ah Kim, Mike Pantuso, Erik Knight, Graphic Artists Andrew Baseman, Set Decorator C F E D

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