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July-August 2021

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8 8 P E R S P E C T I V E | J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 2 1 The Club With limited stage space, the nightclub set needed to be a location modification. The scripted event is called Fiesta in the Heights. Posters for the celebration are in evidence throughout the neighborhood prior to the event. The space needed to be exciting, sexy and Cuban themed. Using a multi- level black box space in Chelsea, the transformation plan began. Some beautiful Cuban tiles discovered during prep influenced the ultimate floor design. Collaborating with Graphic Artist William Hopper, a four-tile pattern was extrapolated to look as if painted on wood plank flooring. To keep the design from wearing during the course of filming, the pattern was printed on the underside of a clear plexiglass material, then tested with dancers. As salsa requires felt-soled shoes and lots of spinning, the floor material needed to be "just the right speed." A C D E F The Salon Many current salons in Washington Heights are painted bright white with cold LED lighting. During exploration of the fringes of the Heights, I found great references of formerly saturated salon color schemes that over time had washed out. Many shops inhabited spaces originally designed for other uses. The concept was that the salon had been a bridal or dress shop in its former incarnation, and some of those textures and patterns still remained. Older linoleum and laminate patterns no longer available were manufactured from researched graphics to add to the retro vibe. The wig heads were fabricated from scratch and physically puppeteered by some of the choreography team. The bleached- out palette added to the hot summer tone of the story. After the location was wrapped, the fa ade was disassembled and reassembled on stage and attached to the full interior set. As with most storefronts in the Heights, light typically comes into the shop from the front. In order to provide more lighting opportunities, an industrial window was designed for the back of the salon set. A. DANCE FLOOR PATTERN. GRAPHIC LAYOUT. B. DANCE CLUB. PRODUCTION STILL. COURTESY OF WARNER BROS. C. SALON EXTERIOR IN PROGRESS ON LOCATION. SET PHOTO. D. SALON INTERIOR STAGE SET. SET PHOTO. E. SALON FACADE ON STAGE. SET PHOTO. F. SALON INTERIOR STAGE SET AND WIG DISPLAY. SET PHOTO. B

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