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Art Department VP Technology Notes As with all new technologies, one needs to understand the specifics and limits of using a game engine for design and production work. Simply put, Unreal Engine and Unity are scene assemblers. They can receive geometry, camera, and animation info from various software packages and optimize them for real-time navigation and lighting. Maya can also act as a scene assembler and is a gateway to the final UE scene. Here are some differences between the two: -A complex 3D set can be assembled in real-time inside Maya for over-the-shoulder scouts and screen captures. Nevertheless, Unreal Engine can handle a higher polycount and has better geometry optimization. -Since it is an excellent modeling and texturing program, Maya has a better pivot and positional control and allows fast geometry and topology modifications. For now, Unreal Engine is limited in this respect. -For landscapes and plants, you need UE. The procedural modules and smooth interfacing with SpeedTree (a parametric plant design software) do not exist in Maya. -The real-time lighting and atmospherics systems in UE are much more advanced than Maya's. A. & B. THE MANDALORIAN, SEASON 2. PRODUCTION DESIGNERS DOUG CHIANG AND ANDREW L. JONES. EPISODES 5 & 7. FULL 3D SETS LOADED IN VOLUME, WITNESS CAMERA VIEWS. HYBRID USE OF FULL-SCALE PHYSICAL SETS AND 3D DATA FROM SCANNED PHYSICAL MODELS AND LOCATIONS. LIGHTING AND LOOK DEVELOPMENT: SAFARI SOSEBEE, STEVEN HENSLEY, JAMES A SWEENEY, PAUL MARTINEZ, DAVID OLSON. PHYSICAL MODELS: JASON MAHAKIAN. THE LION KING, PRODUCTION DESIGNER JAMES CHINLUND WAS A FULL VIRTUAL PRODUCTION WITH NO PHYSICAL SETS. INSTEAD, MAGNOPUS PROVIDED A CAMERA TOOLSET THAT ALLOWED THE ENTIRE DESIGN, SCOUTING AND FILMING PROCESS TO HAPPEN WITHIN UNITY. ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR: ARIELLE NESS-COHN, ILLUSTRATORS: SHAE SHATZ, NATHAN SCHROEDER, SETH ENGSTROM. C. A COMPOUND LOW- DETAIL 3D MAP WAS ASSEMBLED BASED ON REAL LOCATIONS IN KENYA AND TANZANIA. THE LEVEL OF DETAIL INCREASED GRADUALLY FOR SPECIFIC LOCATIONS AFTER INITIAL SCOUTS ALLOWED THE DIRECTOR, PRODUCTION DESIGNER AND THE DP TO IDENTIFY KEY STORY AREAS. Disney Disney Disney A B C

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