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July-August 2021

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7 4 P E R S P E C T I V E | J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 2 1 In this new production environment, a complex digital workflow appears much earlier, sometimes in the initial stages of preproduction. Besides the visual effects and previsualization team, there is an additional array of digital vendors. They range from digital asset builders (who model and texture and pre-light the CG sets) to LED stage technical directors (who refine, optimize, and load the fully lit digital sets into the game engine and onto the LED screens for the shoot). The traditional Art Department chain of command will have to address these new workflows. The department's and subdepartments' dependencies become less of a hierarchy and more of a network. The Art Director will have to navigate the needs and schedules of the various network nodes while keeping the design close to its original intention. In recent productions I have worked on, there are two teams (acquisition and building). The digital asset acquisition and building teams have been third-party vendors employing specialized 3D modelers and texture artists. These teams use both photogrammetry (3D spatial mapping and reconstruction from photographs), and Lidar (3D spatial mapping and reconstruction using lasers) to capture and reconstruct locations, set and set decoration elements. Most of them also have experience in transferring and assembling these assets into an Unreal Engine scene. THE MANDALORIAN, SEASON 2. PRODUCTION DESIGNERS DOUG CHIANG AND ANDREW L. JONES. EPISODE 3. TO EXPLORE THE BUILD AND DIGITAL DEPENDENCIES, THE VIRTUAL ART DEPARTMENT SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO A DETAILED 3D MODEL OF THE BUILT LED WALL (VOLUME). WE WILL TEST SEVERAL LED WALL POSITIONS WITHIN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT, MULTIPLE DRESSING SITUATIONS, AND DAY/NIGHT LIGHTING SCENARIOS. THUS, WE WILL CREATE NUMEROUS VARIANTS AND TAG THE SET DRESSING AND PHYSICAL SET PARTS THAT WILL NEED A SCANNED AND TEXTURED DIGITAL TWIN. SET PLANS: JIM HEWITT, LIGHTING AND LOOK DEVELOPMENT: SAFARI SOSEBEE, STEVEN HENSLEY, MIKE WILLIAMS. A. SET ELEMENTS ASSEMBLED IN MAYA. B. UNREAL ENGINE LIGHTING AND SKY TESTS. C. 3D SET ELEMENTS. A B C

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