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promoting yourself, starting with putting your work up on the wall so people can see what you are doing. It shows your value to the production and can generate conversations about further work on the show and beyond. Lastly, I asked her to update her website so if I recommended her for a job, I could send the potential employer there to see what she has done. I hope I was of some help to her. Shortly after working on Jungle Cruise, she moved to Los Angeles where I continued to give her input on salaries and accepting jobs. I believe mentoring involves helping the person fi nd work in the beginning and that is why I am writing about her here, to introduce her to the other members of her new union, the Art Directors Guild IA 800. I had hoped to write the article earlier but because of COVID, it has taken such a long time to release this fi lm that she is now a successful graphic designer in her own right and has gone on to lead many projects on her own. When I was on another show, she was able to take over the reshoots for Jungle Cruise with Production Designer Andy Nicholson. When I accepted this job, I thought I would be 'taking a trip' on the Amazon River. The trip of being a mentor was one I hadn't expected because I tend to be quite competitive and typically don't share that much with other graphic designers in the industry. Now that I am more secure in my career, and I don't have to worry as much about getting work, I decided to take the plunge. As we all know, the future of the industry depends on helping develop new people coming up through the ranks. Maybe because I never had children of my own, I didn't realize that I had ANY nurturing bones in my body. It turns out maybe I did. ADG Jean-Vincent Puzos, Andy Nicholson (reshoots), Production Designers David Lazan, Super vising Art Director Chris Hansen, Greg Hooper, Leslie McDonald, Drew Monahan, Nic Pallace, Stella Vaccaro, Art Directors Nathan Krochmal, Joseph Nadeau, Kristen Nowotarski, Delphine Richon, Kristen Sher win, Gordon Stotz, Assistant Art Directors Timothy M. Earls, Robert Fechtman, Tom Frohling, Jim Hewitt, Luis Hoyos, Kevin Houlihan, Bria Kinter, Easton Smith, Eric Sundahl, Justin Trudeau, Stella Vaccaro, Julie Vash, Dean Wolcott, Set Designers Pablo Carpio, Paul Chadeisson, Keith Christensen, Joseph Diaz, Julien Gauthier, Ivan Khomenko, Maciej Kuciara, Finnian Macmanus, Victor Martinez, Luca Nemolato, Simon Murton, Thomas Pringle, Steffen Reichstadt, Peter Rubin, Houston Sharp, Aaron Sims, Concept Artists Hilar y Ament, Susan Burig, Karen TenEyck, Graphic Designers Larr y Dias, Set Decorator D E

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