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July-August 2021

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local newspaper that would be read by an extra while getting their shoes shined. As any Graphic Designer in this business will tell you, newspapers from scratch are a lot of work. Not knowing exactly how it would be shot, I knew that it had to be fully fleshed out and not use fake 'greeking' for the stories. I threw myself on the mercy of Art Department coordinator Jen Clark and her staff to help me come up with articles for the 4-page paper. Digital asset manager Joel Guros and Art PAs Yvonne Chan and Zane Reichert furiously wrote articles while I laid out the paper and found corresponding artwork. As I remember, we had the newspaper ready to send digitally to Hawaii in around four hours, where it was printed and sent to set. Thank you, team! Another important hand prop was Lily's journal, containing mementos of her world travels. She kept everything—tickets, schedules, drawings and receipts. Although I produced some of the items shown here, I eventually had to pass it off since I was trying to finish other work with the Art Department. E. GRAPHIC LAYOUT FOR NILO'S LETTERHEAD GRAPHIC DESIGN BY KAREN TENEYCK. F. BACK PAGE OF THE DAILY GNUS NEWSPAPER. GRAPHIC DESIGN BY KAREN TENEYCK. G. THE DAILY GNUS NEWSPAPER ON THE SET. GRAPHIC DESIGN BY KAREN TENEYCK. PHOTO BY LESLIE MCDONALD. H. MEMENTOS FROM LILY'S TRAVEL JOURNAL. GRAPHIC DESIGN BY KAREN TENEYCK. F G H

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