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July-August 2021

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train was also outfi tted with new graphics based on the Art Department's Brazilian research. Tour Company Rivals: The Jungle Navigation Co. and Nilo's River Adventure The two main boat companies were Nilo's River Adventure and Frank's Jungle Navigation Company. Director Jaume Collet-Serra wanted to emphasize the fi nancial diff erence between the two with their fl eet and signage. Nilo clearly has the better fl eet of shiny white boats, while underdog Frank has a beat-up, cobbled-together ship that does not inspire confi dence with its construction. However, Frank has heart and an artistic side that draws Lily to him, and she decides that he is the man for the job. Located at the river's edge, Frank's headquarters is covered with interesting things he has collected during his journeys and artwork that he painted on the building. Jean-Vincent originally wanted his building to be covered in drawings that Frank had done, and those were worked on quite some time. Unfortunately, it rained every day in Kauai. Since the building was constructed in-place out in the river, in the end it could not be painted in great detail and I ended up scrambling to adapt posters that could easily be varnished onto the fl ats instead. I was able to translate the English text into Portuguese on some old fruit crate labels and other existing posters from the period. I also designed the establishing sign for Frank's business. The Production Designer wanted it to be well-crafted but out of found objects and have beautiful lettering. F. FRANK'S TATTERED LA QUILA CONTRASTS WITH NILO'S SLEEK WHITE FLEET ON THE RIVER IN PORTO VELHO. G. A CONCEPT RENDERING OF FRANK'S OFFICE EXTERIOR BY KAREN TENEYCK USING A PHOTO BY LESLIE MCDONALD. H. RENDERING OF THE ESTABLISHING SIGN FOR FRANK'S JUNGLE NAVIGATION CO. GRAPHIC DESIGN BY KAREN TENEYCK. I. RENDERING FOR ONE OF FOUR SIDES OF FRANK'S JUNGLE NAVIGATION CO. GRAPHIC DESIGN BY KAREN TENEYCK. F G H I

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