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July-August 2021

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the many productions and studios in a 2-week work pause. Of course, it was months before we would see each other again. As time ticked by, I kept in conversation with the union and our crew as whitepapers were drafted, considered, rewritten and adjusted. The spring surge abated, and in mid-June if turned to how as we became one of the first productions to return. Countless Zooms later, with the Return-To-Work Guidelines in hand, we set about making television in the age of COVID. Beyond the testing, masking and distancing, the scripts were revamped to take into consideration this new production reality. The number of builds more than doubled and designing for safety became a top priority. Along with completing the work of the maze, there was a hospital, a jail, a dive bar, a bistro, residential recreations, and the setting of the final action sequence in the Rome hotel to put into production. By using architectural elements in place of extras, the show was able to keep the intention of scenes in the busy hospital and dive bar while maximizing airflow and allowing for touchless crew entry points. I'm particularly proud of the work the team did to finish out episode six and the show safely. It was a responsibility we took very seriously. Often, the work of the Art Department exists in the subconscious of the viewer, barely noticed when it's done well. But there is power in how we inform the audience, and working in the subconscious has been one of the more rewarding aspects of this project. Maintaining that intention and the exacting level of detail we'd established would not have been possible without the incredible work of the entire team. Now, with vaccines in our arms, the early days of the pandemic can feel like a distant memory. But the trust that our crew and production had in each other was powerful. It was an honor to land this show with the same team, over a year after we took off. ADG E. FULLER'S BAR SET PHOTO. F. DRESSED MAKARA PRINCE BEDROOM READY FOR CAMERA AND POST IN EPISODE 6 MAZE SEQUENCE. G. MAKARA PRINCE BEDROOM PLANNING RENDER BY DAVID SWAYZE. DEVELOPED WITH RHINO, VRAY, BLENDER AND PHOTOSHOP. Sara K White, Production Designer Christine Foley, Whay Phoobes Sittirak, Giulia Camoglio, Art Directors Josh Smith, Kathr yn Citti, Ambika Subra, Kina Park, Abby J. Smith, Tok Thanin Chakkwait, Flavio Monti, Assistant Art Directors Mayya Patthama Chamniantham, Palm Supitcha Panyadee, Pha Supapom Ratchatamma Draftsmen David Swayze, Concept Artist Maximilian Bode, Ambika Subramaniam, Ball Pinan Penpan Josh Burggraf, Graphic Artists Jessica Petruccelli, May Mesa Saptawon, Set Decorators E F G

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