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July-August 2021

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between art, production, grips, gaffers, electric, costumes, props, locations, catering (now in boxes) and most importantly, the COVID team to make Kenan happen during a global pandemic. And we did it. The feedback from the actors, above- the-line execs and crew seeing the sets for the first time made that first day even more special. I heard whispers that Lorne was happy too. As we moved into the following weeks of shooting, the emotional demands of the outside world and at home played heavily on the workday. The support system that was built among the team was essential because for many it was their only daily human interaction. But now it was without touch, and the sounds of familiar voices were filtered through double masks and sometimes drowned out further by the droning sound of industrial strength air circulation machines. Some crew members had sick friends or family in their personal lives, and with access to most hobbies and interests cut off, sometimes meeting a deadline at work served as the only forward motion in their lives. Signs on office doors kept other departments from crossing thresholds and colored badges and GPS watches reminded crew not to stand in close proximity to one other and prevented departments from overflowing into areas where they weren't considered essential. Masks and shields made talking almost impossible. Only the noise of pandemic-related news or speculation could break through or seemed worthy of uttering. "This show just shut down…" "They just closed down the Radford lot…" "The Sony lot had a A. WAKE UP WITH KENAN TWO-STORY ATLANTA- BASED WARHOUSE STYLE OFFICE SET. PHOTO BY CHRIS HASTON/NBC. B. WAKE UP WITH KENAN OFFICE SET. PHOTO BY CHRIS HASTON/NBC. C. WAKE UP WITH KENAN OFFICE LOBBY AREA. PHOTO BY CHRIS HASTON/NBC. D. WAKE UP WITH KENAN OFFICE PLANS ON STAGE 23 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. DRAWN BY SET DESIGNER A.E. CHADWICK IN VECTORWORKS 2021. E. KENAN AND HIS DAUGHTERS IN THEIR LIVING ROOM. PRODUCTION PHOTO BY CASEY DURKIN/NBC. F. GROWN ASS LITTLE BOY ACTION FIGURE PAYING TRIBUTE TO KENAN'S FICTIONAL EARLY 2000'S SITCOM. A B C

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