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July-August 2021

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K E N A N | P E R S P E C T I V E 4 1 build and dress all of the sets in less than two months. How would we communicate and be collaborative if we were required to stay six feet apart from one another? And what about our own health? The worries about what might happen if a member of my crew was to contract the virus, infect coworkers or even carry it to our own homes and families? How would we deal with materials, lumber and set dressing considering that we were still laboriously wiping down groceries before bringing them in our homes? My first moments after booking Kenan were spent contacting the work family and assembling the team, calling to inquire if they were ready to leave the safety of their homes. Art Director Tricia Robertson, set decorator Julie Drach, Graphic Designer Henry Kamp, Set Designers Aga Szostakowska and Arthur Chadwick, Art Department coordinator Loren Marie Story, prop master Jonathan Buchanan and production assistant T. Ashanti Mozelle were all simultaneously cautious and excited to dive in and pull it off. We might not share a home or blood, but we are a family, a quirky weird one who have chosen to be together. After many years of working side-by-side, we have our own special language, the inside jokes and coping mechanisms that allow us to understand one another and to make magic happen, over and over again. With the family on board, I dove into the script again. Kenan was to be a single-camera comedy, starring SNL's Kenan Thompson, anchored by protagonist Kenan Williams, a former childhood sitcom star now hosting "Atlanta's number two A. WAKE UP WITH KENAN MORNING SHOW SET. PHOTO BY CHRIS HASTON/NBC. B. COVID CONTROL SIGN ON THE UNIVERSAL LOT KEEPING COLOR CODED CREW MEMBERS IN THE DESIGNATED ZONES FOR SAFETY.

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