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July-August 2021

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The Citadel/Asteroid The series concludes at the Citadel at the End of Time. Based on the comic source material, this is a fortress perch. The series took this basic idea and ran with it and came up with the notion that the Citadel was literally hewn in situ from the asteroid itself like Petra in Jordan. The desire was to evoke a Hearst Castle or Xanadu- like atmosphere of a mysterious, eccentric fi gure rattling around an abandoned behemoth monument of vanity. The architecture itself was loosely inspired by the English renaissance and the fl oors were engraved with massive interconnected astrolabes and astrological charts. Two giant 13- foot hooded fi gures greet entrants as they come in. These massive sculptures were sketched up by Illustrator Vance Kovacs and beautifully sculpted by Jamie Miller's team. There were no practical lights in the Citadel, everything was made from the asteroid stone and nothing else. So, the entire Citadel was lit by huge fi replaces, candles and from the light of a massive nebula above them. Huge windows and, in the case of the offi ce, a conservatory ceiling allowed this rainbow light to pour into the black and gold interior. The sheer variety of imagery that the Art Department was privileged enough to create on Loki made it feel like we had worked on six diff erent movies and not just episodes of a series. Certainly for myself, I can honestly say this is the most fun job I've ever had. I know it will be some time before I land on a project with such a rich source material, such brilliant collaborators and such an amazing Art Department. I'm grateful for all of them. It was pure joy to make mischief in this sandbox. ADG F. THE CITADEL. SET DESIGN BY NICK CROSS G. THE CITADEL ATRIUM. ILLUSTRATION BY JOE STUDZINSKI. H. THE CITADEL OFFICE. ILLUSTRATION BY JOE STUDZINSKI. I. THE CITADEL OFFICE. SET PHOTO. F G H I

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