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July-August 2021

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3 8 P E R S P E C T I V E | J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 2 1 Loki Palace The Loki Palace might be my favorite set. This was one of those fun opportunities where the script off ered a lot of latitude to propose something. The set was described simply as a subterranean temple, but open ended as to whether it was a literal temple or rather a place where the Loki variants gathered to bask in their collective Loki-ness. Being that The Void is a trash heap, it stood to reason that below the ground there would be strata made of the husks of devoured realities. We arrived at the concept of an old bowling alley that was deleted long ago and had since been buried by accumulated debris of other realities. Deep below ground with only a few light wells connecting them to the surface, the Loki's had fashioned for themselves a sort of man cave/throne room. Set decorator Claudia Bonfe fi lled this split-level set with beautiful random eccentricities. As a fi nishing touch, we had the idea that the improvised throne that Loki sat on would have been scavenged from a mall Santa in a deleted shopping mall at Christmas time. Art Director Lauren Abiouness and Assistant Art Director May Mitchell did an extraordinary job managing the dozens of strange custom elements that needed to be built, modifi ed or found for this strange composite environment. There was not a level surface or a single plumb wall in the set. Lauren worked closely with the sculptors and greensman Dan Gillooly's talented team to build some particularly odd alien plants I had sketched in. A. THE VOID. LOKI'S PALACE. SET PHOTO. B. THE VOID. LOKI'S PALACE. PRODUCTION STILL. C. THE VOID. LOKI'S PALACE VINES. SKETCH BY KASRA FARAHANI. D. THE VOID. LOKI'S PALACE VINES. SET PHOTO. E. THE VOID. LOKI'S PALACE, THRONE. SET PHOTO. Kasra Farahani, Production Designer Natasha Gerasimova, Super vising Art Director Lauren Abiouness, Marlie Arnold, Laurel Bergman, Drew Monahan, Brian Baker, Jason T. Clark, Domenic Silvestri, Art Directors Nathan W. Bailey, May Mitchell, Irena Jacobs, Assistant Art Directors Dee Blackburn, Nick S. Cross, Patrick Dunn-Baker, Robert Fechtman, Robert Andrew Johnson, Bria Kinter, Silvia Mahapatra, Colin Sieburgh, Kevin Vicker y, Sam Page, Nathally Botelho, Tim Croshaw, Set Designers Shane Baxley, Alex Cunningham, Joshua Viers, Elias Ravanetti, Shae Shatz, Joe Studzinski, Vance Kovacs, Illustrators Jason Sweers, Heath Hancock, Graphic Artists Claudia Bonfe, Set Decorator A B C D E

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