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cameos on the sculptures, as well as on the dais of the Time Court, and later we realize it is the same material that comprises the asteroid housing the Citadel at the End of Time. Lamentis/Shuroo One of the most fun story locations outside of the TVA was the rough and tumble mining town Shurroo on the planet Lamentis. It was a bit of a head scratcher, how to make a fresh-looking alien industrial town within the MCU, which has already covered so much of this visual terrain to great eff ect. On top of that, the episode needed a large 360-degree practical set, as the goal was to shoot the entire scene as a oner akin to the famous scene in the refugee camp at the end of Children of Men. Also the camera would be moving quickly, and it was going to be night, so how to make something that isn't just a blur of neons? B4: C-G A2: B-D A3-A and A3-B: A-C A3-A and A3-B: A-C A B C D E

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