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30 PRODUCTION SOUND & VIDEO – Fall 2021 WOMEN'S COMMITTEE by Jennifer Winslow When I joined 695 in 1990, we had about as many female members as I could count on my two hands. Women were not welcomed into our industry. To the contrary, there were many who wouldn't consider hiring women onto their crews at all. I was even subtly brainwashed into thinking two women on a sound crew would never work out! Can you imagine those days? The first sound and video women members were trailblazers in every sense of the word, breaking barriers and opening doors for future generations. Back then, I wondered if I'd be one of the few to continue with a career as a Sound/Video Tech. I was harassed, told by some men on the crew that their boss made less than me and I should feel ashamed, and generally bullied because of my gender. Despite the cards stacked against me, I persevered, pushing myself to become a better sound technician and continued learning, and as a result, I enjoyed the high level of success surrounded by my union brothers and sisters, from my early years, all the way through to today. Fortunately, over my thirty-three years in the business, the tide changed, and the number of women working in sound and video grew. Female technicians were becoming a part of every film and TV crew. This level of growth and progress was much needed, and as fate would have it, we now have enough members and interest to warrant a Local 695 Women's Committee. With Jillian Arnold as our stereotype- smashing, ceiling-breaking president, the times have certainly changed. (Interesting fact: We've recently grown from six percent to eight percent of 695 represented by women and female identifying members.) And this growth is far from through, a PA on my current job just applied to the Local 695 Training Program hoping to become a Utility Sound Technician in her future career. From row L to R: Carrie Sheldon, Chantilly Hensley, MaryJo Devaney. Second row: Kathryn Korniloff, Sara Glaser, Jennifer Winslow. Back row: Yancey Pon, Alexandra Gallo, Payton Paulson, Daniel Martinez, Rocky Quiroz, Jessy Bender, Heidi Nakamura, Anna Wilborn, Mihaela Jifcu, Claire Mondragon, Jenna Moore, Amanda Quesada, Lara Jessen, Fernanda Starling On a hot June day, as the new Local 695 Women's Committee gathered for our first official meeting, a dream of mine was realized. So, the launching of this committee was a big deal and our first meeting is a huge moment in our Local's history! Thanks to Mixer (and longtime 695 member) Anna Wilborn for generously hosting our meeting at her beautiful home. Under sunny skies, our committee gathered with positive energy, all joining together in community and forging a much-needed connection. A connection that has been lacking in years past (and especially over the last year with the Pandemic Social Distancing, Safer at Home Orders, and Safe Way Back to Work COVID Restrictions on set). After an extended period of emotional darkness, we've arrived in a new era of understanding, empathy, and progress. Here comes the sun! It was so great to see everyone again after the difficult year that was 2020. The committee is composed of more than forty Local 695 women, female identifying members and allies, twenty of

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