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Fall 2021 – LOCAL695.ORG 27 THE GUILTY by Ed Novick Upon being hired as the Production Sound Mixer, the challenge for me was detailed two months prior to filming: the audience will never see, nor will the filmmakers ever photograph, the 9-1-1 emergency callers that the officer speaks with. Rather, the audience will hear what the officer hears and a good deal of the story will be told by off-camera actors and rich sound design. To make the workflow more complex, our main character will be switching back-and-forth between two communication devices: a cellphone and a Bluetooth headset. I knew I'd have to coordinate with Props and Set Decoration to make sure the devices worn by the officer would be practical and functioning. With that in place, patching the actor's phone or computer into my mixing panel would be straightforward. Of course, having the off-camera actors in a room close to our set would be a given. How else to ensure quality audio recordings and allow for ease of communication with off-camera talent? Filming the Perfect COVID-Time Movie The Guilty is a feature film produced for Netflix based on the 2018 Danish film of the same name (Den Skyldige). Directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, the story follows a Los Angeles police officer awaiting a hearing for an undisclosed wrong-doing (you find out later) and is assigned to answer emergency calls at the LAPD Communications Division. The film takes place during the evening and night shifts of a single workday. Director Antoine Fuqua and Actor-Producer Jake Gyllenhaal

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