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Cathy and Diane in an undated photo. 7 S U M M E R Q 2 I S S U E F R O M C A T H Y R E P O L A , N A T I O N A L E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R A T R U E UNIONIST I t is said that a union is all about the collective strength of its members, and about how coming together as a large group can bring about change. That is absolutely true, yet I am writing today about how within such a group, one individual can still make a profound difference. Every once in a while, if we are lucky enough, we come across s o m e o n e w h o s t a n d s o u t f r o m t h e crowd, someone who lives and breathes the vision of the group, who always works for the greater good of all. I have been so lucky to have witnessed this firsthand, along with so many of you. Di- ane Adler, who passed away on April 22 of this year, represented all of this, and much more. Prior to Diane's involvement within the union's board of directors, she had a long and successful career, first as an assistant editor and then as an editor. As a single mom in the 1970s, before single-parent families were common, she made it a mission to have a career that allowed her to provide for her two chil- dren. She was a trailblazer, leading the way for many female editors to follow in her footsteps. But it wasn't though, just about her being an editor, when very few women were editors, that made her stand out. It was also who she was as a person and as a woman. Since her passing, those who knew her have used certain words to describe her. These are former colleagues, women editors who credit her with opening doors for them, people who joined her on Her work is part of the foundation of the Editors Guild. R E M E M B E R I N G D I A N E A D L E R

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