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Broadcast Design Gallery Big Star promotes 'Game of Thrones' Trollback helps AMC promote Yeah! TV N N EW YORK — HBO tapped NYC's BigStar (www. to create the teaser for the third season of its medieval series, Game of Thrones. It shows the iconic raven of Westeros ominously soaring through contemporary real-world environments. BigStar creative director Josh Norton says HBO wanted to radically shift its look this go-round to something more in the realm of cinéma vérité. The idea was to revisit the raven as an icon for the show and use it in Roger produces Lifetime campaign L a modern context. The raven flies through the modern world as the song "Rains Over Castamere" plays. BigStar defined the environments through which the bird would fly and created them using a combination of stock footage, still photography, 3D and compositing techniques. The studio shot slow motion footage of the raven in front of a greenscreen using a Phantom camera. The challenge was compositing the raven with the right orientation to make it feel seamless in transitioning between scenes. After Effects and Cinema 4D were used for compositing and effects. OS ANGELES — Roger ( created a campaign for Lifetime that promotes the new reality series Preachers' Daughters. The live-action spots — Nightly Prayer and Say a Little Prayer — were shot with a Red Epic camera and comically present the challenges of parenting a teen. The :30 Nightly Prayer was shot split-screen and shows bedside prayers: fathers praying for their daughters to remain pure, and daughters praying they don't get caught after sneaking out of the house. Say A Little Prayer, is also a :30 and follows a choral interpretation of Dionne Warwick's familiar tune as young girls get ready for a night out. They are, in fact, dressing for church services, and their dad makes it clear their outfits aren't going to fly. The studio produced both spots in a single day. The project marks a trend from clients that are seeking directing and live-action services from the facility. The end graphics were done internally by Lifetime, as was the edit. The Mill LA creates 'Manhunt' open L OS ANGELES — The Mill LA ( created the opening titles for director Greg Barker's HBO doc, Manhunt, which looks at the FBI's intense effort to track down Osama Bin Laden. Stephen Venning was EP for The Mill LA. CD/designer Manija Emran, who was born in the Middle East, says, "I designed each keyframe of the title sequence in Photoshop and Illustrator, and hand wrote the type. The look needed to be personal, handcrafted and obsessive to reflect the intimacy the CIA agents felt to their tasks." Once designed, frames were passed on to the animators. The main title sequence was animated using After Effects. One of the challenges was incorporating the many intricate details from the design into animation, notes animator Justin Sucara.The penmanship was traced so it would animate as if being written by hand. Then, subtle camera tricks were implemented to gradually bring additional depth to the chart as it is revealed. 26 Post • June 2013 EW YORK — Trollbäck + Company ( has created a cinematic branding package for Yeah! TV, a new interactive streaming movie service that was recently launched by AMC Networks. The service allows fans to watch cult classics, as well as explore behind-the-scenes facts, exclusive interviews, and realtime quizzes and polls. Trollbäck + Company created 15 unique promo trailers that introduce Yeah! TV's first wave of rentals. The agency also redesigned the Website and produced a style guide for the overall brand. Executive CD Jakob Trollbäck and art director Kelli Miller led the Trollbäck team. The promos revolve around featured titles such as Blade Runner, Child's Play, Clerks, Pulp Fiction, Scream, Terminator and The Exorcist. The studio created several animated 2D treatments of the Yeah! logo. The design elements for the package as a whole are contemporary, bold and dialed in to pop culture. Artists used a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator to create the package.

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