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SERVING THE INDUSTRY SINCE 1986 VOL 28 · NO. 6 THE HOST S T U D I O S 18 2 EDITOR'S LETTER The independent post house By Randi Altman BIG THINGS, SMALL PACKAGES 2 POST SCRIPT Light Iron opens in NYC The rise of the small post house. By Marc Loftus By Randi Altman G R A P H I C S 22 BROADCAST DESIGN 8 By Iain Blair 12 Tv ON THE WEB A52 provides color and VFX for Netflix's House of Cards NEW MEDIA Hooked Digital Media delivers Haunting Melissa to iOS devices By Marc Loftus 16 EDIT THIS! The Great Gatsby: a chat with editor Matt Villa By Randi Altman 38 POSTINGS A graphic glimpse of some recent work PRODUCTS The latest in hardware & software POST POSITIONS Simplifying the closed caption workflow By Bruce Devlin 42 POST POSITIONS AJA Video Systems: Reflecting on 20 Years By John Abt 43 T E C H N O L O G Y SELLING A SHOW Wassup En LA?: Shot on XDCAM, edited on Sony Vegas By Randi Altman 41 Showcasing recent projects. 10 40 BROADCAST GALLERY 28 DIRECTOR'S CHAIR Andrew Niccol — The Host 14 By Marc Loftus 26 BITS & PIECES What's new in post 8 NATHAN LOVE Pros add more live action and get creative with less time. 4 PEOPLE Keeping tabs of the industry's movers & shakers 44 REvIEW Imagineer Mocha Pro 3.1 MONITORS Improving HD with an eye on affordable 4K. By Christine Bunish 18 32 NB90S A U D I O THE ART OF SOUND DESIGN Creating worlds with sound. By Jennifer Walden DAILY NEWS UPDATES 22 H+ THE DIGITAL SERIES WEB EXCLUSIVES VFX IN COLUMBIA By Sherif Awad ON OUR COVER GETTING STARTED: Sound mixer Chris Afzal By Barry Goch 48 REvIEW ioSafe N2 NAS RAID By Brady Betzel 32 This Month In NYC's Nathan Love ( recently brought Toucan Sam into the 3D world for the first time. The studio completed work on Carl the King Crab, a new spot for Kellogg's Froot Loops via Leo Burnett. Nathan Love used the agency's script to create a detailed CG wonderland in which Sam and his nephews take on a grumpy pirate crab. The studio called on V-Ray for rendering, RealFlow to simulate the coins, and Joe Alter's Shave and a Haircut to detail Carl's goatee and mustache. Nathan Love also uses Maya, Creative Suite and ZBrush. See page 18 for more on Nathan Love and other small studios. cg m | mAY/J U N E 2013 Blue-skying it VFX studios boldly go where no one has gone before $8.00 US | $8.25 Can • The hard-core VFX work in Iron Man 3 • Students take their technology to the next level • Epic's cutting-edge CGI animation Post • June 2013 1

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